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Women Who Made Pakistan Proud During First Quarter Of 2021

Pakistan is no short of talented people and the people of the motherland proved it right to all intents and purposes. Especially women of this country are capable to make their mark and give a practical demonstration of their talent time and again.

Here’s the list of a few women who made Pakistan proud by their extraordinary feats in fields from medical care to social work, from social networking to civil service. In essence, these women courageously left their mark in the fields they pursued.

The very first being a London-based Pakistani culinary artist who made it to the prestigious Forbes list of 30 Under 30. Zahra Khan, in hopes of making it big, moved to London in 2015 to attend celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s culinary school, Tante Marie Culinary Academy. For now, it seems like she is now well on her way to becoming one of the biggest names across the globe.

She owns Feya Café in central London near Bond Street, something that has been her dream for years. Taking to social media, the 29-year-old entrepreneur wrote, “Truly blessed to have been recognized amongst the top emerging and game-changing entrepreneurs.”

The publication shared how her initiative has helped empower women in the UK. ”

“Zahra Khan defied Pakistani cultural stereotypes and launched a career in the UK focused on empowering women,” noted Forbes, adding, “The chef, mother of two, runs Feya cafes and shops. She employs 30 full-time staff, hires female illustrators to design packaging, and donates 10% of retail profits towards professional coaching for women.”

Next in the row is Dr. Sania Khan, Pakistan’s first emergency specialist. While staying in the home country, she has received top fellowships from the UK in the field of emergency.

Sania got the inspiration to become an emergency specialist when her grandmother lost her life due to the unavailability of timely medical aid while they’re on a far-off family trip.

And off course who never knew about Pakistan’s emerging talent Zara Naeem Dar who topped ACCA exam globally.

Zara Naeem Dar internationally topped the notoriously difficult exams for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and was the global prize winner for the test.

Many in the country praised her achievement and called her a proud daughter of the nation.

Dananeer Mubeen is a name that needs no introduction. She shot a brief ‘Pauri video‘ and touched global fame within a matter of minutes.

She’s touched the hearts not only in Pakistan but in the neighborhood as well. A famous Indian composer made a remix of her Pauri video and that remixed version has been viewed nearly 62 million times on YouTube and has landed the young influencer brand deals.

But most impressive of all, Mobeen’s humorous video managed to bring together Pakistanis and Indians to share a laugh.

Dananeer says that she never thought that video would go so viral.

Pakistan is no short of talent and skills when it comes to womens’ skills in the medical profession.

Dr. Zubaida Sirang is the first Pakistani doctor to make the Book Authority list. In a first for men and women Pakistani doctors, Chitrali eye surgeon Dr. Zubaida Sirang made headlines this year when her book became the first-ever Pakistani authored text featured on the prestigious Book Authority List.

Her book ‘Optics Made Easy: The Last Review of Clinical Optics’ was included in the list of ‘Best Ophthalmology Books of All Time.’ The book is written for ophthalmology students as a last-minute revision tool. She made the name of Pakistan bright. Her book is being hailed as a breakthrough in the world of optics.

Dr. Zubeida Sering is an eye surgeon based in Chitral and she’s become the first Pakistani doctor to make the Book Authority list.

Yet another daughter of the nation made the country proud by her ground-breaking ruling in the field of judiciary.

Justice Ayesha Malik outlawed the two-finger virginity test. Lahore High Court Judge Ayesha Malik made a groundbreaking ruling in January this year when she outlawed the use of the two-finger virginity test that was employed when doing rape exams on victims of sexual assaults and violence.

Justice Malik ruled the test unconstitutional and a violation of the dignity of female victims in a 30-page ruling. Malik’s decision was applauded as a powerful win for women’s rights movements across the country.

Aliza Ayaz is a Pakistan-based student who’s now the UN Youth Ambassador for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In February this year, student Aliza Ayaz was selected as a UN Youth Ambassador for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) due to her relentless work in the realm of climate action.

Ayaz is only the second woman to represent Pakistan in this way, the first being Malala Yousafzai. She will serve in a dedicated group that works towards engaging and fostering youth in leadership and participating in economic and political processes while exploring how to document and achieve in the space of climate action.

Policewoman Amna Baig, an international award for change-making
A sub-divisional officer in the capital, ASP Amna Baig, was awarded the Integrity Icon Award on Friday by the Danish ambassador to Pakistan. The award honors civil servants for contributions towards making a positive change in their societies.
Twitter-savvy Baig has devotedly raised women and gender issues during her work in Islamabad’s Kohsar.
She took oath as a sub-divisional officer in January this year.

Last but not least is the Policewoman Amna Baig who won an international award for bringing social change.

She has won the Integrity Icon award, which recognizes and honors civil servants striving for a change in society. Baig is a sub-divisional police officer in Kohsar, Islamabad.

Danish ambassador to Pakistan presented her the award. “[I am] impressed by her work on making public spaces safe for all genders and bringing justice to the society,” Lis Rosenholm tweeted while praising Amna Baig.

Don’t hesitate while educating your daughters. They can equally make a mark like men in almost every field of life. If you want to add something then let us know in the comment section below 

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