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Women Universities As Agents Of Change

Women Universities As Agents Of Change

1)-  Introduction

2)- Education and its various types

  • Formal education
  • Informal education
  • Non-formal education

3)-  Various levels of education

  • Primary and secondary levels of education
  • Higher secondary level of education
  • Higher education

4)- Prevailing situation of women education across the globe

  • High dropout rate
  • Lack of awareness
  • Poor focus on educating women
  • More focus on the objectification of women than educating the women

5)-  Facts that prove that women university education can certainly serve as the agent of change

  • Challenges the social barriers
  • A significant rise in the literary rate
  • Increased economic contribution by women
  • Increased health awareness
  • Enhanced role of women in different fields of life
  • Promotion of soft power of the nation
  • Less prevalence of human rights abuses

6)-  Hurdles in the way of women university education

  • Poverty and backwardness
  • Lack of political will
  • Misinterpretation of religious beliefs
  • Early child marriages
  • Uncomfortable social environment
  • Lack of awareness among the masses
  • Absence of necessary facilities

7)- Recommendations for promoting the university education of women

  • Provision of necessary facilities
  • Economic support to poor and deprived women
  • Social support to women education
  • Initiation of distance learning programmes
  • Spread of awareness among the massess
  • Formation of meticulous policies
  • Progressive and developmental role of media
  • Educating the men about women empowerment

8)-  Conclusion


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