WHO declares global healthcare emergency amid spread of infectious disease in DRC


Ebola virus is making a fast spread across the Democratic Republic of Congo since the eruption of the outbreak in 2018. It is the second major episode of the infectious disease since the 2014-2016 African outbreak. The most alarming impact of the disease is that it doesn’t leave unharmed even the volunteers and medical respondents who treat the Ebola patients and carry out the burial rituals of those who died of Ebola infection.

Blood transfusion, body fluids of the infected animals and humans are direct sources of the disease whereas it spreads indirectly by coming in contact with the objects contaminated with the germs.

World Health Organization which is the universal health body of the UN has declared a global healthcare emergency citing the impact of disease and has issued a set of instructions for the states that are badly affected by the Ebola virus.

The disease has engulfed more than 1600 lives in the resent outbreak and the reporting of an Ebola case in neighboring Uganda has raised serious concerns for the border checks and adopted pre-emptive measures.
Most of the primary symptoms of the Ebola infection coincide with the symptoms of malaria, dengue fever and several other similar health problems that make it difficult to ascertain the exact cause of the symptoms. A number of tests are then performed to confirm the presence or absence of infection.

Here’s a link to tweets shared by the World Health Organization regarding the Ebola outbreak in Congo.

Set of Instructions shared by WHO for Ebola-affected countries

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