What Transformation has Information Technology Brought about in Pakistan?

1)- Introduction

2)- A bird’s eye view of information technology

 A)-  Information technology is all about;

  • development of electronic equipment
  • use of computing devices
  • analysis and storage of data and information

3)- Positive transformations brought about by information technology in Pakistan

  A)- There are various ways in which information technology has brought about revolutionary changes in Pakistan. Information technology has;

  • increased the access to information
  • improved the ways of communication
  • improved mobility
  • revolutionized the services sector
  • improved the ease of doing business
  • eased the distance learning
  • increased political awareness among the masses through social media
  • patronized the cultural diversity
  • improved the surveillance operations
  • digitized the record-keeping practices
  • improved the efficacy of governance
  • digitized the healthcare services
  • transformed the marriage culture
  • revolutionized the traditional work culture

4)- Negative transformation brought about by information technology in Pakistan

A)- Information technology has also exerted some negative influences on Pakistan. It allows;

  • personal and confidential information insecure
  • online businesses and transactions untrustworthy
  • propaganda campaigning through social media
  • online harassment of people
  • wars through modern warfares
  • hate speech and economic terrorism
  • reduced physical activity
  • fabrication and cheating in online examination

5)- Steps already taken by the government to obstruct the wrong use of information technology

  • Enactment of Citizens Protection Rules 2020
  • Removal of hate content through Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016
  • Disbanding the objectionable social media apps
  • Legal actions against cybercriminals

6)- Recommendations for augmenting the use of information technology in a positive way

  • Awareness campaigns to educate masses
  • Regulation and monitoring of social media
  • Enhancement of institutional capacity to counter cybercrime
  • Enactment of laws to prevent online harassment and frauds
  • Stringent policies to reduce the fabrication in online education
  • Improvements in online businesses by documentation of economy

7)- Conclusion


Thesis statement: Information technology that mainly revolves around the use of modern electronic devices has brought revolutionary transformations in Pakistan. It has improved; ease of doing business, access to education and information, surveillance operations, and much more. Alongside, it also exerts some negative influences such as the spread of fake news, online harassment, wrong use of personal data, etc. By enhancing the institutional capacity, and by enacting the stringent policy framework Pakistan can effectively augment the use of information technology in a positive way.

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