What is Education, and What are its Sources?


The word education can’t be summarized in any single definition because it includes almost everything that one observes, learns, examines, evaluates, and go through in daily life. It is education that describes the metaphysical perspectives of being in this world.

Additionally, it is education that differentiates mankind from animals. With the advent of the industrial revolution and changes in the way of productions the methods of education also got changes from spiritual to technological ones.

Education, in the words of the dictionary, is the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction at a school or a university. It is the education that evolved the planet earth from totalitarian regimes towards the democratic concept of living. Education is so fundamental in its importance that every religion and school of thought conveys some sort of education to its followers.

Sources of education

In the words of Jean Jacques Rousseau, education comes from three sources: from nature, from men, and from things – upon interaction with the physical environment. Rousseau’s theory of education stressed producing a well-balanced, free-thinking child.

He was of the view that if children are allowed to grow without social constraints then they would develop towards their fullest potential both morally and educationally.

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