UNSC Called for Independent Investigations in Bus Attack Incident

United Nations Security Council has called for independent investigations into the Saudi-led coalition attack that killed dozens of children. At least 29 children were died on Thursday at the time of attack. The injured have been hospitalized. The attack happened on time when UN Special Envoy to Yemen has been trying for a political deal to end the three-year war. It is one of the worst attack on Yemeni Children. The attack killed 40 children and dozens of people. Britain, France and UK are also backing the Saudi-Emirati Coalition attacks in war-torn Yemen. The country is already facing the dearth of crisis with the war related epidemics, poor health facilities, and starvation due to the ongoing war campaigns. The children were on their way back to homes in Yemen’s Saada province when attack strike the bus and the innocent children ended in smoke. This is not the first time that civilians have been targeted in military attacks. The UN often criticised the killing of civilians in military attacks of Saudi-led air campaign against Houthi rebels.

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