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UNAIDS: Causes Of HIV Epidemic In Ratodero, Sindh

UNAIDS officials brief about the causes of the HIV epidemic in Sindh and said that unsafe injection practices and poor control of infection are the leading causes of the recent HIV outbreak in the Ratodero area of Larkana.
UNAIDS officials also offered their support in controlling the spread of infection to the other areas of Pakistan.

The team pointed out that the reuse of syringes and drips both by the doctors as well as quacks in addition to poor infection control has emerged as the leading cause of the HIV outbreak in Larkana.

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Hundreds of children were tested to be HIV positive in the political hub of Pakistan People’s Party – Larkana. Many children who were found HIV positive had their parents without HIV infection. This is the general apathy for a developing country like Pakistan that health services are not satisfactory especially when it comes to infections and their timely control.

NDMA and NACP are bestowed with funds of millions of rupees yet the situation of disease control is precarious in the country. According to the recent report of NACP, Punjab has been on the top of the list with around 70,000 patients HIV positive. Illiteracy, backwardness, and especially feudal culture in rural areas of Pakistan with very little public services compel the locals to rely on quacks for the treatment of diseases.

There’s is dire need to hand down strict punishment to those who have largely been responsible for carrying out negligence in medical procedures whilst treating these children and other people of Larkana. The government’s plan to ensure accountability needs alertness in the medical sector to deal with existing healthcare emergencies alongside preventive measures for controlling the outbreak.

UNAIDS is striving to stop the new HIV infections, ensuring that everyone living with HIV has access to HIV treatment. UNAIDS aspires to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030.

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