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Democracy and Illiteracy Don’t Move Together

Outline:   1. Introduction   2. Democracy and its various forms Direct democracy. Representative democracy. Constitutional democracy. Monitory democracy.   3. What is meant by illiteracy and what are its basic types? Functional illiteracy(incompetence in such basic functions as reading, writing, and mathematics) Cultural illiteracy(lack of basic information needed to …

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Polarized Politics: The Issues And Challenges Of Democracy In Pakistan


1)- Introduction 2)- Defining Polarization of politics 3)- The situation of polarized politics in Pakistan Polarization in the name of sects religious polarization ethnic polarization cultural polarization geographical polarization social polarization economic polarization linguistic polarization 4)- Issues and challenges of Democracy in Pakistan Formation of weak central governments Politically unstable …

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Democracy in Pakistan; Hopes and Perils


Pakistan is a country based on the ideology and principles of Islam. Democracy is supposed to be in the faith of the Pakistani people. The true and experimental version of democracy just begun with the establishment of the Islamic welfare state of Medina centuries ago. Even the second Caliph Hazrat …

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Local Government in Pakistan:

  Local government is considered as the symbol of good governance and is popular theme of modern world. The local government system in sub-continent has its roots in the early history of the region. The local government system is all meant to devolution of power, authority and to decentralize the …

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