Some Notable Foreign Phrases

Carte Blanche; unlimited authority, unlimited discretionary power to act.

Vis-a-vis; in relation to, compared with.

Inter alia; among other things, between the things.

Bona fide; genuine, sincere, in good faith.

Apropos of; concerning, with regard to, about.

Fait accompli; done deal, an accomplished fact or something that had already occurred.

Faux pas; blooper, blunder, an embarrassing act.

En masse; together, in a group.

Modus operandi; method of operation.

Ipso facto; by the fact, infact.

Persona grata; A person who is welcomed.

Persona non grata; A person who is is not welcomed or acceptable.

Status quo; the way things are, the state of things.

Status quo ante; the way things were before.

Status quoist; A supporter of the status quo.

En passant; by the way, incidentally.

En plein air; in open air.

En route; on the way.

En suit; A part of series.

Bona vacantia; unowned property.

Bona omi; A beautiful man

Bon vivant; A person who enjoys good things in life.

Bona ton; A fashionable society.

Inter partes; In the manner of a proceeding where multiple parties to a dispute are present.

Vis major; A greater force, unavoidable accident, an act of God.

Vis inertiae; the resistance of matter.

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