September 6, 1965 war

What Do We Know About September 6, 1965?

War begun as Indian forces crossed Pakistan’s international border by 6th of September, 1965.

The battle continued for 17 days till September 22 ceasefire put the arms back in rifles.

Indian Army attached on Pakistan’s bases accompanied by ground attack but the brave soldiers forced them back on their feet.

Pakistani forces not only confronted the enemy at Wagah Border, but entered their territory and captured number of Indian checkposts. Every year’s September 6 reminds us of innumerable sacrifices made by security forces in the defence of country and its people. People of Pakistan, apart from contributions to National Defence Fund, donated blood and were all ready to fight for the national cause. The cause of War is still at conflagration – the Kashmir Issue. Skirmishes between the two countries was also another reason of outbreak of war between Pakistan and India on Western borders. Kashmir Issue, unfortunately, has not been resolved as yet and still awaits proposed solution. A fire in the corner of room can burst the entire house into flames. International community, World Organizations must look into the matter of utmost disgrace of humanity under the shadow of Indian Armed forces Special Power Act. The Kashmir Issue is more about human rights violations and violent state behaviour in the region is burning the Indian bridges without the need of foreign interference as per claimed by Indian media and some politicians. Kashmiris will surely get their due rights in near future as it is always darkest just before dawn.

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