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Save pink Himalayan salt reserves of Pakistan



   Pink Himalayan salt reserves of Pakistan are rich in minerals – photo source twitter.

Why Himalayan salt?

  • Pakistan’s salt is pure as it contains 99 percent halite.
  • Pakistani salt is pure than Indian salt as the purification cost of impure salt effects the prices.
  • The country has salt reserves estimated at around 10billion tonnes.

Global outreach

  • Pakistan accounts for less than 1 percent of the global salt production despite huge potential.
  • Increasing salt consumption in South Asia offers an opportunity for Pakistan to be a major salt export market in the region.
  • Private hands exports raw salt to other countries where it is branded locally and exported as local to their country.


What should be done?

  • A proper salt export policy is the need of the hour.
  • Proper branding of the salt should be done for exporting in the international market.
  • There’s a need to stop the illegal trading of salt.

Pakistan’s salt potential explained

  • Khewra salt mine alone is responsible for 350,000 tonnes of annual salt production.
  • Khewra salt mine is also famous for its production of pink Himalayan salt with the salt reserves estimated from 82 million tonnes to 600 million tonnes.
  • Pink Himalayan salt appears pink due to its mineral contents. It’s an estimated 84 minerals. Crafts are made by this nutritional Himayalan reserve.

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Role of Government

  • Before 2007, salt export was regulated by Pakistan Minerals Development Cooperation (PMDC) which was later handed to the private sector.
  • The country’s Parliament must focus to explore the salt potential of the country in the best possible way.
  • Ministry of Industries and Trade Development Authority of Pakistan must figure out a policy in collaboration with the National Assembly for the outflow of this natural resource.
  • Pakistan’s largest salt deposits of Khewra, Wacha, and Kalabagh needs to be preserved and regularized for exports.

Save Pink Himalayan salt



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