Right Way for the Countries to Ease the Lockdown

The lockdown strategy that restricted more than a third of the world’s population to homes has contributed to slow the spread of COVID-19. Testing, as well as contact tracing measures, are vital in order to keep the virus from spreading any further.

Governments talk about the mass-scale testing measures that, perhaps, can’t be the case for months. Recording the person’s temperature is yet another easy substitute but this can be a cause of spreading coronavirus asymptomatically.

One thing is becoming clear that life isn’t returning to normal without some efficient counteractive or adaptive measures.

The price of strict lockdown is becoming heavier and heavier with every passing day. In such a grim scenario, governments need to choose from a variety of options by comparing the cost of each measure with the corresponding benefits it brings. Watch the video to know what is the right way to leave the lockdown situation.

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