Resolution Adopted to Hold CSS Exams in Urdu


The upper house of parliament adopted a resolution this Monday to facilitate the aspirants of Central Superior Services to take examinations in Urdu alongside taking exams in English. The resolution was moved by Ameer Jamaat-i-Islami Senator Siraj-ul-Haq. The senator also gave reference to Article 251 of the constitution which clearly directs to implement the Urdu language as an official language, the decision, however, couldn’t be implemented even after 45 years.

The JUI chief also quoted the 2015 decision of the Supreme Court of Pakistan regarding enforcement of Urdu as an official language. Pakistan People Party’s Senator Sassui Palijo opposed the resolution by saying that English is an international language and spoken all over the world. Palojo further added that it wouldn’t be wise to confine our talent to the Urdu language only.

CSS is an acronym for ‘Central Superior Services’ for which the examination is conducted in February every year to select the civil servants who work as bureaucrats in BS-17. The bureaucracy is one of the important wheels to run the state of Pakistan. Originated from the colonial era, the civil service was named as ‘Civil Service of Pakistan’ after the inception of the country in 1947.

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