Quality Of Education In Pakistan


Famous American linguistic, philosopher, political activist, and cognitive scientist Noam Chomsky justifiably pronounced education as a system of imposed ignorance. Nowadays, we’ve so much information, but know so little. The words of Mr. Chomsky relates so well to the present education system of Pakistan.

Although, the education system of the country is on the rails with the new adventurous moves like Single National Curriculum, increased number of research papers in higher education institutions, more and more MPhil degrees, PhDs, various scholarships and much more. Still there remains a gap between education and quality education in the corridors of formal education.

Cramming, repetition of ideas, imparting limited and bookish knowledge, substandard and poorly researched contents of syllabi, and ill-informed and passive methods of teaching are not all but some of the aspects that seriously compromise the quality of education in Pakistan.

Regretfully, there’s almost no concept of technology-based education in the primary and secondary levels of education. Especially, government-run institutions are altogether devoid of such infrastructure to facilitate the enrolled students. Students need to rely on poor quality bookish knowledge with no incentives to gain some detailed or more compact information on various things. Things like that reduce the interest of students in education.

Addedly, education in Pakistan is totally obscure to the concepts of rationality. Rationality applies logics to one’s believes. Rational decisions and thoughts are based on reasons rather than on emotions. Also, new concepts are neither entertained nor given any due importance. Better the cramming better is the result and this line works really well. Even evaluation system is beyond admittance. Note book decoration is more a matter of concern in the land of pure than the clarity of thoughts. One can be a PhD scholar and can be a nascent about the relevant subject matter. The incumbent constitution of Pakistan ensures free and fair education for all but maintains deliberate silence on quality of education.

Besides, the education has now become more a business than a necessity. Universities, colleges, private institutions and academies; all run their own business strategies in the name of good quality education. Had the quality of education been somewhat progressive and exponential, the country would be making progress really fast in the fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals, construction, administration, and politics.

Unfortunately, we kept the education debate confiscated in the submerged concepts of quantity and brush the quality under the carpet. Education, no doubt, must be for all but imparting low quality content would do nothing in favor of country and it’s people but to increase the number of untrained and unemployed youth. When it comes to quality of education system no one can disregard the words of Margaret Mead – the great American Anthropologist. She said that the children must be taught how to think, not what to think.

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