Punishment in Educational Institutions of Punjab

Terminating Corporal Punishment from Educational Institutions of Punjab

The Government has declared the strict punishment in educational institutions of Punjab due to their bad performance. We come around the news of corporal punishment at the hands of teachers against the students.

One such incident just occurred in an Elementary school of Sahiwal in which a grade two students was badly beaten by headteacher for using teacher’s washroom. The concerned CEO suspended the head teacher from the service, a day after the incident. The student then admitted to DHQ for treatment.

Provincial Education Minister Murad Raas has shown his utmost concern towards the corporal punishment by teachers and has warned the teachers all over the province to restrain any sort of in discrimination against the students. Raas extended warnings to all teachers and apprised them of consequences. We have asking to lodge an FIR against the teacher who broke the student’s arm, he was saying. “Although, the motive behind multimedia message can’t be ignored because our students are the future and no one is the authority to destroy the future.” The insulting behavior of teachers towards the students should be handed down the due response. But the Minister’s verbal warnings, the way he delivered the teachers is worrisome and disgusting.

If a policeman commits a crime or kill an innocent then the law minister don’t threat the entire police force for the incident. The direct threat from the authority is likely to bring down the morale of police and the teachers all the same. The police and other law enforcement agencies must straight away responded to the incident without the direct involvement of ministry better to say the political influence.

The honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan often talks about out of the school children across the country. He reiterates to renovate the education system alongside the renewal of health system yet the implementation is somewhere in the air. Education, no doubt, is the matter of life and death for Pakistan and we can’t even think of succeeding in the competitive world without getting requisite knowledge and education. As the words belong to the father of the nation:

“World is progressing so rapidly that without requisite advances in education, not only shall we be left behind others but may be wiped out altogether”.

Let’s come around school education department and review some administrative lapses as per my understanding. First and foremost, concern should be of sanitation. No school is bounding to provide the laboratory tested pure water for drinking.

Even the English medium private schools who are sucking the parent’s blood by charging extra amount don’t feel about the water hygiene except for the teachers and staff who can somehow manage their own.

We don’t even feel about educating the future generations about water scarcity that might disturb the geographical dynamics of the region by introducing it into content of syllabi.

As for sanitation, the cleaning staff must be there in schools but the public sector schools are devoid of the blessing by and large. Mostly students clean the classrooms in the first hour of the day. Later they come up to formal education. If some higher authority has to visit the institute, then weekdays of students are going in the preparations especially cleansing the vicinity of school from dust and dirt.

The school education department recruit the teachers on yearly basis in Punjab but many schools especially in rural vicinity are devoid of sufficient staff. The cleanliness staff vacancies are not even the part of school indicator performance report which is officially available at PMIU. There is a lot more to discuss about the policies of school education department but in short, the education system needs reform on the whole.

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