PTI Government Decides To Regularize Poultry Industry

She said that the poultry sector has turned into a mafia in Pakistan, which has necessitated its regularization.

She added that the poultry mafia has political backing, and once this sector is regularized the prices of poultry items would not be decided on a cartel basis.

PM Imran Khan had taken this decision, keeping in view the price-fixing strategies of the sector players. A bill will be introduced in the parliament to bring this sector under proper regularization

Pakistani poultry industry’s turnover is around Rs. 1,082 billion, and it provides employment to more than 1.5 million people directly or indirectly. Yet, the segment remains an unorganized sector.

There are more than 15,000 poultry farms across the country, and the average capacity of farms ranges from 5,000 to 15,000 broilers. This economic sector has a growth rate of nearly 12 percent.

Earlier, Competition Commission of Pakistan underlined some anti-competitive conduct that led to surge in prices of chicken feed, which, in turn, increased prices of chicken.

For years, chicken has been central to our dining habits. In our culture alone there are hundreds of ways to cook it.

The Economic Survey of Pakistan 2018-19 says that around 1,500 tons of chicken meat is produced in Pakistan.

Apart from chicken pricing, there are serious concerns regarding the handling of chicken at farms and also there are suspicions attached to poultry feed. Government should focus on that front as well.

Chicken shops are also not regulated by any law. Anyone can set up a chicken shop by paying a small fee to the local council. The government should focus on that front as well in order to ensure the safe supply of Halal Chicken to the citizens.

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