Polio and Pakistan

The number of reported polio cases in 2018 is 8 in Pakistan and the number of reported cases in neighbouring Afghanistan is 22 as per figures indicated by the World Health Organisation. Afghanistan and Nigeria are still endemic with the polioviruses but WHO figures show the gruesome situation for Pakistan. 8 polio cases were also reported in 2017 across the country lest the number of underreported illnesses by polioviruses.

The most notable issue regarding polio vaccination is the unwillingness of people especially across the country’s rural belt. People don’t consider the administration of the polio vaccine as a necessity for their children. The cross-border movement of citizens also increases the number of polio cases and transfer viruses from Afghanistan.

The marshes and miserable conditions of low-income residents cause the said viruses to grow. The growth of polioviruses across Rawalpindi is also reported recently as per the Dawn report. The parents should be convinced to administer their children with vacancies on a yearly basis. The safety of vaccination teams is another thing considerable for the smooth functioning of reducing endemic disorder from the region.

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