Spread of Polio virus and Pakistan

Pakistan’s threat of polioviruses can only be tackled when every child entering the country is made polio-free by vaccination provided the improvements in living and housing standards of the low-income class. Afghanistan and Nigeria are still endemic with the polioviruses.

Cross-border movements of citizens made zero reports about cases of polio for consecutive 3 years impossible. Migrant populations transport polioviruses. The extremists and banned outfits also halt the polio campaigns by banning vaccination in tribal areas. They extend threats by killing and attacking polio workers.

Public refusal to administer viruses is yet another cause of concern. Border force can be given the task to administer polio vaccine in children who are to cross the border. The polio eradication mission was launched in the country in 1994. Polioviruses enter the body when someone encounters the germs of polio in water, by eating food contaminated with polioviruses.

Polio is an infection so to avoid the prevalence of disease effective vaccination campaigns are the need of the hour. Polio vaccination can be done either intravenously through injection or through administering the vaccination through the mouth.

Almost 8  polio cases have been reported in Pakistan in 2018, WHO has said that polio eradication demands security of vaccination staff, public support, and public-private cooperation in full.

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