PMS 2020 Solved Paper of General Knowledge


1- Statute of liberty was given to the USA by France.

2- Wakan Corridor is in the north direction of Pakistan.

3- Treaty of Versailles brought peace in Europe.

4- The vitamin that is not present in fruits and vegetables but prepared by the body is Vitamin B12.

5- Ist Muslim Governor of Punjab was Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar.

6- Tomb of Khawaja Farid is in Pak Pattan

7- Lowari Pass connects Dir with Chitral.

8- Dr.Ruth Pfao – The Mother Teresa of Pakistan campaigned against leprosy.

9- The most benefited sector of Pakistan because od GPS PLus (duty-free access to Europe) is textiles and garments.

10- The UNGA has declared the decade of 2020-30 as the decade on ecosystem rehabilitation

11- The title of Ambassador of Hindu Muslim unity was given to Quaid-e-Azam by Sarojni Naidu.

11- Wealth of Nations was written by Adam Smith.

12- Quaid-e-Azam resigned from the membership of the Imperial Legislative Council on account of the Rowlett Act.

13- Watergate Scandal s related to spying.

14- Article 3 of SGDs is related to health.

15- IMF was created after the Brettonwood Conference.

16- China claims Arunachal Pradesh Province of India.

17- The political term shadow cabinet stands for a group of specialized critics in the official opposition party.

18- Deal of the Century presented by President Donald Trump was related to Palestine.

19- Indian Constitution is the lengthiest written constitution in the world.

20- Indian constitution has 444 articles /.

21- The Word REX stands for the king.

22- Ho Chi Minh was the leader of Vietnam.

23- Continental Shelf of Pakistan is 350 Nautical Miles.

24- The Soviet Union was replaced by the Russian Federation in December 1991.

25- Kyoto Protocol came into force in 2005.

26- Pakistan installed its first nuclear power plant in Karachi with the cooperation of Canada.

27- Kapas Ka Phool was written by Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi.

28- Hugo Shavez was the leader of Venezuela.

29- Bolshevik Revolution took place in 1917.

30- Jahangir Khan won Squash Champion Ship for 10 times for British Open.

31- In 2018, German Chancellor Angela Markel was sworn in for the 4th time.

32- World Water Day is celebrated every year on March 22.

33- Ecology deals with the study of interactions of organisms with their environment.

34- Prime Minister of Pakistan is the chairman of the National Economic Council.

35- Mushtaq Ahmed Yousfi was a banker by profession.

36- Dr. Abdul Salam studied at the University of Cambridge.

37- Largest Earth filled Dam is Terbala Dam

38- The number of official languages at the UN is 6.

39- Number of SAARC members 8.

40- Three Gorges Dams are in China.

41- Which of the following countries doesn’t have a border with Syria: Iran.

42- For sterilization of water, it is heated at 161F for 15 seconds.

43- Ram Nath Kovind is the 14th and serving President of India.

44- SAPTA(South Asian Preferential Trade Agreement) is in the domain of SAARC.

45- Hibba Khatoon is a poetess of the Kashmiri language.

46- Abul Hassan Isphani was the first Ambassador of Pakistan to the US.

47- The study of life in outer space is exobiology.

48- Operation Zarb-e-Azb underwent in former FATA. Azb is the sword of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

49- After the US, the largest number of Nobel Laureates is from the UK.

50- Opposite of the segregation is integration.

51- Complete the sequence: (6, 11, 18, 27)

52- Tim Berners gave the idea to combine the internet with the hypertext concept.

53- In plant cells, the Calvin cycle occurs in the stroma.

54- Jabir Bin Hayyan is famous for his work in Chemistry.

55- Sui Gas was first discovered in Pakistan at Sui in 1952.

56- Dome of Rock is located in Jerusalem.

57- Sindh was separated from Bombay in 1935.

58- Arab Spring Movement started in Tunisia.

59- Vasco da Gama was the nsative of Portugal.

60- Stimulus frequency is determined by the number of action potentials per second.

61- Minimum age to become a senator in Pakistan is 30 years.

62. The only wise president of Pakistan is Noor-ul-Amin.

63. River Kabul joins Indus River at Attock.


Some More soled MCQs related to Current Affairs, Pakistan Affairs, and Islamiyat:

  1. Greece has the longest national anthem in the world. It has 158 stanzas.
  2. New Zealand is unique for having two national anthems of equal standing – God Defend New Zealand and God Save The Queen.
  3. Another country with a multi-lingual anthem is South Africa. With eleven official languages, the national anthem contains five of the most widely spoken languages including Xhosa, Zula, Sesotho, Afrikaans, and English.
  4. Antarctica is not a country: it has no government and no indigenous population. Instead, the entire continent is set aside as a scientific preserve. The Antarctic Treaty, which came into force in 1961, enshrines an ideal of intellectual exchange.
  5. Cyprus has no national anthem of its own.
  6. Andorra has no airport but has three private heliports.
  7. Bahrain’s national anthem has no words.

Q1. Total number of continents in the World? 7
Q2. Total number of oceans in the World? 5
Q3. Which one is the largest ocean in the World? Pacific Ocean
Q4. Which one is the smallest ocean in the World? Arctic
Q5. Dead Sea is located between which two countries? Jordan and Israel
Q6. Which country gifted the ‘Statue of Liberty’ to USA in 1886? French
Q7. In which ocean ‘Bermuda Triangle’ region is located? Atlantic
Q8. Which country is also known as ‘Land of the ‘Midnight Sun’? Norway
Q9. Which country is known as the ‘playground of Europe’? Switzerland
Q10. Which country is also known as the ‘Land of Rising Sun’? Japan
Q11. Which country is also known as the ‘Land of Thousand Lakes’? Finland
Q12. Which country is known as the ‘Land of Thunderbolts’? Bhutan
Q13. In which country, white elephant is found? Thailand
Q14. Which continent has the highest number of countries? Africa
Q15. Which one is the largest producer of tea in the World? China
1. How many verses are in Holy Qur’an? 6666
2. How many times is the word ‘Qur’an’ repeated in Holy Qur’an? 70
3. Which is the best drink mentioned in Holy Qur’an? Milk
4 The best eatable thing mentioned in Holy Quran is? Honey
5. Which is the shortest Sura of Holy Qur’an? KAUSAR
6. The most disliked thing by Allah Ta’ala though Halal is? Divorce
7. Which letter is used the most time in the Holy Quran? Alif
8. Which letter is used the least in the Holy Qur’an? Zaa
9. Which is the biggest animal mentioned in Holy Qur’an? Elephant
10. Which is the smallest animal mentioned in Holy Qur’an? Mosquito
11. How many words are in the smallest Sura (Kausar) of the Holy Qur’an? 42
12. Which Sura of the Holy Quran is called the mother of the Qur’an? Fatiha
13. How many Sura start with Al-Hamdulillah? 5
14. How many Sura’s name is only one letter? 3
15. How many Sura start with the word ‘Inna ‘? 4
16. How many Sura are Makkahi? 86
17. and how suras many are Madni? 28
18. Which Sura is from the name of the tribe of the Holy Prophet? Quraish
19. Which Sura is called the heart of the Holy Qur’an? Yaseen
20. In which Sura is the name of Allah repeated only five times? Hajj
21. Which Sura is the name of one Holy war?  Ahzab

22. Which Sura is the name of one metal? Hadeed
23. Which Sura is called ‘Aroos-ul-Qur’an? Rahman
24. Which Sura is considered as 1/3 of the Holy Qur’an? Al-Ikhlas
25. Which Sura was revealed twice? Iklaas B. Fatiha
26. In which Sura is the backbiter condemned? Humaza
27. In which Sura is the name of Allah repeated in every verse? Mujadala
28. In which Sura does the letter ‘Fa’ did not appear? Al- Fatiha
29. How many Suras starts with the word ‘ Tabara Kallazi’ ? 2
30. Makkan Suras were revealed in how many years? 13
31. Medina Sura were revealed in how many years? 10
32. How many Suras start with the word Qad? 2
33. Which Sura is related to Hazrat Ali? Adiyat
34. Which Sura has every verse ending with the letter ‘Dal ‘?  Iklaas
35. Which Sura is revealed in respect of Ahle Bayt? Insan
36. Which Sura every verse ends with the letter ‘Ra’?  Kausar
37. In which Sura is the creation of human beings mentioned? Hijr
38. In which Sura are the regulations for prisoners of war mentioned? Nisa
39. Which Sura deals with the laws of marriage?  Nisa
40. In which Sura is the story of the worship of cow of Bani Israeel mentioned?  Taha
41. In which Sura is the law of inheritance mentioned? Nisa.
42. In which Sura is the Hijra of the Holy Prophet mentioned? Anfal
43. In which Sura is the 27 Attributes of Allah mentioned? Hadeed
44. Which is the best night mentioned in Holy Qur’an?  Qadar
45. Which is the best month mentioned in Holy Qur’an? Ramadan

46. How many words are in the longest Sura of the Holy Qur’an? 25500
47. How many times is Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem is repeated? 114
48. How many Sura start with Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem? 113
49. In what surah the first aya in the holy Qur’an revealed? Iqra
50. What is the translation of ‘Muzammil’? The enshrouded One
51: What is the meaning of Pakistan? Holy land
52: Who is the first governor-general of Pakistan? Muhammad Ali Jinnah
53:: What was the major event of 1971? Bangladesh broke away from Pakistan
54: In which year did Pakistan win the cricket world cup? 1992
55: When did Pakistan win Olympic gold medal in Hockey for the first time? 1960
56: Where was general Pervez Mushraf born? Delhi
57:Where is the tomb of Mughal emperor Jahangeer? Lahore
58: Who is succeeded Zia Ul Haq as president of Pakistan? Ishaq khan
59:When did Pakistan become a Republic? 23/3/1956
60:How many times did squash player Jahangeer khan when the world open? Eight
61:Which is the national flower of Pakistan? Jasmin
62: Who Designed Pakistan’s national flag? Ameer Ul Deen khdwai
63: Which Militry Alliance had Pakistan as its member? SEATO
64:Who wrote Pakistan’s First National anthem? Hafeez Jallundri

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