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Pakistan And Future Of The Kashmir Cause

1)-  Introduction

2)-  A bird’s eye view of the Kashmir issue

3)-  Probable solutions for the peaceful resolution of the Kashmir issue

  • Consistent dialogue between India and Pakistan and China
  • A plebiscite in accordance with United Nations resolutions
  • Respect for human rights
  • Respect for diversity of culture and religion
  • Peace at Line of Control
  • The responsible attitude of world powers
  • Respecting the civil liberties
  • Autonomy for the Region of Kashmir
  • The political independence of Kashmiris

4)-  Hurdles in the way of resolution of Kashmir issue

  • The ultra-nationalist approach of the BJP
  • Delay in the resolution of Kashmir issue
  • The economic interest of the big powers
  • Lack of political will
  • Weak and poor role of OIC and UNO
  • Controversial Instrument of Accession
  • Curb on the civil liberties of Kashmiris
  • Denial of right to self-determination
  • Longstanding water issues between India and Pakistan
  • Religious, cultural, as well as political differences

5)-  Strategies that should be adopted by Pakistan for resolution of the Kashmir issue

  • Development of AJK and Gilgit Baltistan
  • Promoting Pro-Kashmiri culture and literature
  • Educating Kashmiris through literary efforts
  • Using various types of media in becoming the voice of common Kashmiri
  • Diplomatic missions to other countries of the world
  • Back-channel diplomatic efforts
  • Focus on economic growth and progress in Pakistan
  • Urging the Muslim world and OIC to play their part in the resolution of the Kashmir issue
  • Urging Big powers to implement the UN Resolutions regarding the Kashmir issue
  • Repeatedly highlighting the issue of Kashmir at various international platform
  • Increased confidence-building measures
  • Track two and track three diplomacy

6)-  Conclusion

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