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Does Jerusalem Really Matter? Jerusalem is the ancient city that lies at the very heart of Israel-Palestine conflict. It has been witnessed many times how just a small change
Devil’s Triangle Bermuda Triangle, also known as the devil triangle, is the strange area of the sea lies in the section of the North Atlantic Ocean. The famous Flight
Shahbaz Tastes Prison Again This is the second time that Shahbaz Sharif has been arrested. Firstly, he was arrested in the plane hijacking case in 1999. Shahbaz Sharif has
Venezuela’s Whipping Industrial Sector Millions fled the country and have become economic refugees due to chronic food shortages, rampant corruption, and rampant inflation. It’s been years that Venezuela is
What Do You Exactly Know About PPSC Number of Chances Criteria? As per policy recommendations the Punjab Public Service Commission allow three chances to a candidate if he or
Terminating Corporal Punishment from Educational Institutions of Punjab The Government has declared the strict punishment in educational institutions of Punjab due to their bad performance. We come around the
Indonesian Tsunami Hits Villagers Even Harder: Indonesian earthquake and tsunami hits a dozen of village and cause of death of hundred of people. After causing destruction and death in
What Do We Know About September 6, 1965? War begun as Indian forces crossed Pakistan’s international border by 6th of September, 1965. The battle continued for 17 days till
Amal’s Death in a Disguise No one can breath beyond his fixed time of death or life and we, as Muslims, have firm belief on the biggest reality of
United Nations Security Council has called for independent investigations into the Saudi-led coalition attack that killed dozens of children. At least 29 children were died on Thursday at the

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