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Deadline for Mobile Phones Registration Extended! Pakistan Telecommunications Authority has extended its deadline for mobile phones registration to an indefinite period. Earlier, a Senate Standing Committee on IT directed
Fast radio burst (FRB) – The Signs of Aliens: FRB are Fast Radio Bursts are signals or twinkles that strikes the telescopes; first being discovered about a decade ago.
New Jupiter Moons|Number increased by 79 Twelve new Jupiter moons have been discovered, bringing the total number of moons to 79. Jupiter is the largest planet to revolve around
China’s Acupuncture Treatment: China’s Acupuncture Treatment– key component of TCM – relieves pain, originated in China and spread all over the world. A modern type of acupuncture helps in
The Price of Forgiveness: Ziaullah, 12, embraced martyrdm in APS Peshawar attack three years ago. He never missed the opportunity to try and repair the electrical appliances at home
Living with Fear: Living with Fear is always ruin the people life and force them to live in fear. That’s what seen now a days at Korea. Believe it
5G and Its Future: Fifth generation mobile (5G) builds on the current 4G Network. It promises higher peak connection speeds with reduced time delays owing to improve radio technologies
Bail Plea of Dr.Shahid Masood Stands Rejected: A special Judge has rejected the prearrest bail plea of famous anchorperson Dr. Shahid Masood in the case relating to allegations of
Pakistan Needs to Comply With FATF Terms: Pakistan will have to comply with Financial Action Task Force (FATF) terms it had committed in the June this year to combat
Pakistan Needs Independent Women: The reason why so many women are suffering social and financial subjugation lies in their economic dependence. It is the economic dependency of the women
PSED Has Launched School Transport Programme: Punjab School Education Department has launched ‘School Transport Program’ this Wednesday to distribute transport cards and bicycles among the students. In Bahawal Pur
Financial Action Task Force: FATF Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is anti-money-laundering task force to combat the misuse of global finances. Member Countries There are 37 member states currently
Qudrat Ullah Shahab: What Do We Know So Far? Qudrat Ullah Shahab is best known for writing his autobiography ‘Shahab Nama’. He also served as ambassador of Pakistan to
The Titanic’s Maiden Voyage When thought to be unsinkable giant ship Titanic was sinking, the first-class passengers were provided with the lifeboats while rest were left to fend for
China to Open World’s Largest Sea Bridge: China will open world’s largest sea bridge this Wednesday. This bridge will link Hong Kong, Macau and China’s mainland. The 55 kilometer
Atal Bihari Vajpayee – The Times Premier of India: Birth: Atal Bihari Vajpayee was born on December 25, 1924. He is one of the great leader of India. He
Fidel Castro gets Nishan-e-Pakistan: Pakistan’s highest civilian award is Nishan-e-Pakistan. The most recent one has awarded to Fidel Castro – President of Cuba on May 23, 2018. He had
What We Know about Stephen Hawking? Birth: Stephen Hawking was born in England on January 8, 1942. He was a great physicist and the author of ‘A Brief History
The Summer Solstice The longest day of the year falls on Thursday, June 21 in the Northern Hemisphere and that’s what we call Summer Solstice. This day, in Australia
Running on Treadmill and Weight Loss: Obesity is one of the global issues and is widely under discussion yet people have to suffer a lot from this menace. Pakistan

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