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Fidel Castro gets Nishan-e-Pakistan: Pakistan’s highest civilian award is Nishan-e-Pakistan. The most recent one has awarded to Fidel Castro – President of Cuba on May 23, 2018. He had
What We Know about Stephen Hawking? Birth: Stephen Hawking was born in England on January 8, 1942. He was a great physicist and the author of ‘A Brief History
The Summer Solstice The longest day of the year falls on Thursday, June 21 in the Northern Hemisphere and that’s what we call Summer Solstice. This day, in Australia
Running on Treadmill and Weight Loss: Obesity is one of the global issues and is widely under discussion yet people have to suffer a lot from this menace. Pakistan
Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) assumed power in Indian-held Kashmir in 2014. BJP is a Hindu chauvinist party in India who first enabled to form a coalition government in Indian
Hunger in Yemen Hitting Hard on Civilians:   United Nations has warned that 13 million people are facing starvation in Yemen. UN has called for a halt to air
Jamal Kashhogi Feared Dead: Trump has warned Saudi Arabia of “severe punishment”, if the Kingdom’s leader be linked to the disappearance of US resident and harsh critic of Riyadh
Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Block Unregistered Mobile Phones:   In order to combat the use of smuggled and counterfeit sets, PTA block unregistered mobile phones through Device Identification, Registration and
An Island Nation in South India; Ceylon The official name of Sri Lanka is ‘Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka’. Sri Lanka is a tear shaped island.   Ceylon
Novichok Agents; Forth Generation Chemical Weapon The name ‘Novichok’ means “newcomer” in Russian. The term applies to the group of advanced nerve agents developed by the Soviet Union in
Newly Discovered Organ in Human Body; Interstitium The study published this Tuesday in scientific reports suggests that the organ called as interstitium, found throughout the body. It comprises the
Square Kilometre Array? The Square Kilometre Array – a new telescope to come in the next 10 to 15 years, World Economic Forum(WEF) said. The new telescope will not
Foldable Galaxy F to Appear in 2019 CEO of Samsung Mobile said that the foldable Galaxy F could be unveiled in November but this might not happen. It seems
ECP Bans Transfer of IG Punjab Muhammad Tahir The Cabinet Division appointed Amjad Saleemi as the new Inspector General of Punjab Police. The development was made days before by-elections
World of Peace Words of kindness and the world of peace Tumbling slowly in the race of ruins High-speed cars and swift rails Letting no time to shine in
Who is Krishna Kumari? Krishna Kumari is the first lower-cast Hindu woman elected to the Senate of Pakistan. She was nominated by Pakistan’s People Party (PPP) for a senate
Does Jerusalem Really Matter? Jerusalem is the ancient city that lies at the very heart of Israel-Palestine conflict. It has been witnessed many times how just a small change
Devil’s Triangle Bermuda Triangle, also known as the devil triangle, is the strange area of the sea lies in the section of the North Atlantic Ocean. The famous Flight
Shahbaz Tastes Prison Again This is the second time that Shahbaz Sharif has been arrested. Firstly, he was arrested in the plane hijacking case in 1999. Shahbaz Sharif has
Venezuela’s Whipping Industrial Sector Millions fled the country and have become economic refugees due to chronic food shortages, rampant corruption, and rampant inflation. It’s been years that Venezuela is

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