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  At a time when multiple variants of COVID-19 are taking a heavy toll on life, good governance has become central to crisis management and COVID-19 control. There are
Pakistan’s Shehroz Kashif has become the first young mountaineer to conquer the world’s highest Mount Everest. 19 year-old Shehroz Kashif becomes the youngest Pakistani to summit Mount Everest. He
Construction of the Volkswagen plant in Pakistan will officially commence within this quarter. This new plant will have the capacity to produce 28,000 vehicles annually.   After several delays
Gender inequality is as endemic to Pakistan as poor economic growth and poverty. Gender discrimination or inequality is the prejudicial treatment of an individual or group due to gender.
Pakistan’s exports have been increasing gradually. During the ten months of the current fiscal year (July 2020 to April 2021), the exports to UK have jumped by 31% to
The famous quote by William J. Federer summarizes so well the role and power of media in today’s world which says: “The country is controlled by the laws, laws
One-liner of recent Imran Khan’s visit to Saudi Arabia is that if things go well between the two countries’ leadership then it’ll surely move Pakistan one step forward and
According to Palestinian Red Crescent emergency services, more than 200 Palestinians were injured, with about half of them requiring medical attention at hospitals and at a special field hospital
Pakistan must not and should not fall into the trap of the Modi Govt. that wants to internalize the issue of Kashmir by keeping the debate between Article 370
  In a ground-breaking development, America-based tech giant, Amazon, has added Pakistan to its approved seller list, local media reported on Thursday. Pakistan has reportedly received approval from Amazon
At the time when backchannel talks between Pakistan and India have been confirmed by a senior officials on our side, the complete silence on the Indian side raises serious
Bollywood Actress and self-proclaimed top-slot heroine Kangna Ranaut always manages so well to make the news headlines. Her political thoughts and ideological differences are epic from her posts on
Prime Minister Narendra Modi in order to address the growing need for adequate human capital in the face of an unprecedented increase in Covid-19 has taken significant decisions. Here’s
From rikshaw ambulances to oxygen cylinders, from remdesivir injections to crematorium services; Muslims across India are trying to help their countrymen in every possible manner to relieve the sufferings
At the time when South Asian countries are braving the third wave of Covid-19 Pandemic, Pakistani actress Saboor Aly, and Ali Ansari confirm their engagement. Actress Saboor Aly and
Alarming! Brazilian and South African variants of COVID-19 are detected in Pakistan. The National Institute of Health (NIH) in Islamabad has detected the Brazilian and South African variants of
Pakistan Army (DHA) is the biggest land grabber mafia of Pakistan; rules Chief Justice Lahore High Court. While hearing petitions of three citizens seeking an order against the DHA
It is next to urgent to work on addressing the oxygen shortages in the country on an emergency basis. There’s nothing wrong if Prime Minister Imran Khan diverts his
Climate change is something that can neither be averted nor ignored. It’s like a part and parcel of life like many other unavoidable changes. The key manifestations of climate
Alarmingly! Hundreds of Sikh Yatrees are in Pakistan as of now for Imran Khan’s so-called initiative of promoting religious tourism in the country. This has happened at the time

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