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The title phrase means that when you can’t have exactly what you want, you should be satisfied with whatever you are given. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the phrase
1)- Introduction 2)- A bird’s eye view of information technology  A)-  Information technology is all about; development of electronic equipment use of computing devices analysis and storage of data
1)- Introduction 2)- Education and its types Formal education informal education non-formal education 3)- Three tier system of education  Primary level education College level education University education 4)- What
The brutal military siege of the Occupied land done by India two years ago continues even today. This move has turned Kashmir into an open jail. Whoever raises a
1)- Introduction 2)- A brief historical background of the statement Statement given by Jean-Jacques Rousseau Magnum opus of his work “The Social Contract” emphasizes the man’s right to liberty
1)- Introduction 2)- A brief overview of the term – infodemic too much information false or misleading information 3)- What is a pandemic?  global epidemic   the disease affecting
1)- Introduction 2)- Background of the statement 3)- What is power? possession of control ability to influence 4)- Various types of power political power military prowess soft power influence
The Ottoman Empire was an imperial state and one of the greatest empires in history, founded in 1299 after growing out of the breakdown of several Turkish tribes and
Forgive me God                          Forgive me God Forgive me before I fell flat underground Forgive me before I’m unable
The downpour season is back and so are the painful memories of devastation it caused in the last few years. The first spell of monsoon caused flash floods in
Delta variant has now emerged as a variant of more concern with infections across 85 countries worldwide. Various studies show that the transmissibility of the Delta variant is more
CIt is evident that the US and its allies are eager to distance themselves from the Afghanistan crisis making it tougher for the Afghan govt to confront the Taliban.
In a significant development, India acknowledged that it entered into back-channel communication with the Afghan Taliban. Last month’s reports by Indian media also disclosed this new development. Besides, India’s
The celebrated writer Bertrand Russel in his book “Unpopular Essays” maintains that the main purpose of education to which everything else is subordinated is to produce courage in the
The previous entry into the war on terror had cost Pakistan too much in cash and in-kind with a sum total of 83,000 lives and almost $126 billion as
In the uncertain and choppy global political landscape, only those states remain successful that make foreign policy choices keeping in view their national interest. Unfortunately, that has not been
Court backlogs are actually pending cases that are pending before the courts longer than the prescribed duration. The proverb vehemently describes the state of the justice system in Pakistan
A great deal of controversy surrounds the Single National Curriculum – a project that government aspires to implement in schools and Madrassahs alike. Many among the ministers of government
What is currency depreciation? To depreciate means to diminish the price or value. Depreciation of currency is when there is a fall in the value of a currency in
It is highly deplorable to mention that human actions are causing millions of people around the world to face food crises even in the year 2021 with the recent

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