Origin Of World’s Worst Food Crises


It is highly deplorable to mention that human actions are causing millions of people around the world to face food crises even in the year 2021 with the recent report by the UN’s World Food Programme confirmed the figure of those starving stands around millions.

Their number was far less in the preceding years. UN reports also ascertains that some countries are worst affected as compared to others. The reasons behind this crisis are several including wars and disputes between the states, climate factor as well as economic shortfall. Besides, the high price of essential goods doesn’t let the most vulnerable people afford the food.

Also, economic inequality among the states remains yet another dominant factor in which rich countries viably escape from global shocks leaving behind the poor economies in the lurch.

Concerted efforts are required to get away with this situation of food deprivation and there lies a moral responsibility on the part of rich economies to help those facing famine-like conditions.

Conclusively, if the rich states can spend huge sums for intentionally waging wars and bringing destruction they should also spare funds to help out humanity.

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