My First Day At School

Hi! My I’m Khaula. My father name is Altaf. I’m here to write a few words about my first day at school. It was a cold winter. The weather was dry and impassionate. Everyone seems busy with one’s own affairs of life. I got up early that day just to get ready for my entry into the school. I dressed up nicely and did the breakfast. I was excited for school. After all, this is what every child has to come across: the first day at school. 

But the school turned out to be a battlefield that day. Everywhere there were gun shots. Gunmen were shooting the children and elders alike. I never knew about the new weapons required at school. I could only bring pencils and markers alongside books that day. One big monster shot me next. He made my first day at school my last.

Note: This short fiction story has been written in the memory of a 5 year old baby girl (Khaula) who’s shot dead on her first day at school. She lost her life in bloody massacre of APS. May her soul rest in peace! Her family describes her as a flower. Even at a very young age, she was concerned about education of girls. 

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