MCQs Series: Microsoft PowerPoint, General Knowledge, And MS Word

General Science

  1. The method of growing plants without soil in a nutrient-rich solution is called hydroponics.
  2. Hydrochloric acid is found in the human stomach.
  3. The metal used with iron to make it rust-free is chromium.
  4. When chromium is used with iron, it is called stainless steel.
  5. A first heart transplant was done by Dr. Christian Barnard (South African doctor) on 3 December 1967.
  6. Soybean has the maximum content of proteins.
  7. Magnesium metal is extracted from seawater.
  8. A concave mirror is used in car headlights.
  9. The convex mirror is used to see the traffic behind the cars.
  10. Convex mirrors are also used in movie projectors.
  11. Onion is a modified form of stem.
  12. Three types of the stem are; aerial, sub-aerial, and underground stem.
  13. Dioptre is a unit of power of a lens.
  14. The flower is important for the life cycle of plants.
  15. Vitamin D is considered to be a hormone.
  16. Moonlight takes 1.3 seconds to reach the earth.
  17. Sunlight takes 8 minutes 20 seconds to reach the earth.
  18. The elements found on the surface of the moon are; titanium, oxygen, silicon, magnesium, calcium, aluminum, and manganese.
  19. Hydrophobia is a disease caused by the bite of a dog.
  20. Urochrome is a yellow pigment. It is also known as urobilin.
  21. Copper can be converted into gold by artificial radioactivity.
  22. Kenya is one of those countries through which the equator passes.
  23. Mitochondria are called the powerhouse of the cell.
  24. The rectifier is used to covert alternate current into direct current.
  25. About 50 percent of the earth’s crust, including water on earth and atmosphere, is oxygen.
  26. Acid rain is mainly caused by the emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide.

MS Word

  1. Maximum 63 columns can be inserted into a word document.
  2. Font size in word ranges from 8 to 72.
  3. Extension in Excel: XLSX whereas in PowerPoint: PPTX.
  4. MS Outlook is about Personal Information Management
  5. Zoom limit in MS Excel: 10% to 400%, in MS PowerPoint: 10% to 400% and in MS Word: 10% to 500%.
  6. Different page sizes are: A4, A5, Letter, Legal, Statement, Envelope, Executive, Tabloid
  7. The number of columns in MS Excel 2007 is 16,384.
  8. File format in PowerPoint are jpg, gif, and wave.
  9. A worksheet and Workbook can be renamed.
  10. Maximum Number of Rows and Columns in MS Word: 63 Columns and Unlimited Rows.
  11. Maximum Number of Rows and Columns in MS Excel: 1,048,576 rows by 16,384 columns.

General Knowledge 

  1. PPC stands for Pakistan Penal Code.
  2. The current Minister of ANF is Brigadier Ijaz Shah.
  3. ANF has 5 regional directorates.
  4. ANF academy is in Islamabad.
  5. Anti-Narcotics Force was raised on 21 February 1995.
  6. Brigadier works as a force commander of the regional directorate.
  7. ANF is a technical executive bureau.
  8. The regional directorate of Punjab is located in Lahore.
  9. Nawang Gombo was the first man who climbed Mount Everest twice; firstly in 1963 and secondly in 1965.
  10. Nawang Gombo belonged to India.
  11. In non-recognizable offenses, the permission of the court is necessary to arrest the accused.
  12. The control of the Narcotics Substances Act 1997 was promulgated on 11 July 1977.
  13. A judge can award life imprisonment to the accused if the quantity of recovered narcotics exceeds 10kg.
  14. The United Kingdom consists of Whales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and England.
  15. Homonyms are words having the same spelling and the same pronunciation but different meanings.
  16. The area of the Karakoram Range is 77,154 square kilometers.
  17. Al Beruni came to India with Mahmoud Ghaznawi.

MS PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint, Tabs, Short Keys, and Other Features

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