Low pH Products Should be Restricted

Low pH Products Should be Restricted:

Acid attacks are seen as a symbol of mystery everywhere and attracts audiences worldwide but this single menace can be outdated by demolishing the acid supply publicly. Acids are publicly available in the name of drain openers and cleaning agents which now has viable alternatives so this excuse is not justified anymore. The rising incidents of acid throwing can be lessened by the controlled supply of acids. It should not be publicly available to the individuals. Acids should only be supplied to schools, colleges and universities after proper insurance by the owner of respective institution.

As acids are not an important household commodity therefore its availability in the market is not justified. It’s use in battery production and pharmaceuticals necessitates it’s supply to the manufacturer companies.

When it comes to health care issues it is of no use in carrying out daily healthcare procedures except some of the weak acids i.e., phenol, dettol, salicylic acid etc. Acids are violently damaging to skin and other body organs and causes very strong burning sensations immediately after touching them. The long term drawbacks of acid throwing incidents are burned and sculptured portions of skin and improper functioning of the organs.

The acids, especially strong acids should be publicly disbanded owing to their serious breathing implications like choking(be strangled), coughing, rapid pulse, dizziness, shortness of breathe and coughing up blood. These are some of the silent implications of acids if persists, can lead to the serious repercussions. On similar grounds the use of certain chemicals i.e., Lead, Lead suphide in makeup industry should also be banned because these chemicals becomes violent when their accumulation within the body reached to certain level and may cause life threatening disorders. Lead sulphide often replace antimony sulphide in cheaper eye makeup.

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