Looming Shadow of the food crisis on Pakistan

1)- Introduction

2)- Food crisis in Pakistan – A brief historical perspective

A- Intermittent periods of drought

B- Natural calamities and triggered food shortages

C- prehistoric peasant agricultural system

3)- How does the shadow of the food crisis loom large on Pakistan?

A)- Major chunk of food insecure population

B)- Future threats to food availability

C)- Emerging conception of food nationalism

D)- Perceived vulnerabilities to major crops in South Asian countries

4)- Factors responsible for deepening food crisis in Pakistan

A)- Inconsistent agrarian policies

B)- Poor implementation of present-day mechanization techniques

C)- Lack of awareness among the field workers/farmers

D)- Poor supply chain mechanisms

E)- Prevailing drought-like conditions

F)- Onset of flooding and cyclones

G)- Unjustified distribution of land resources

H)- Exploitative role of middlemen of the economy

5)- Expected outcomes of looming food crisis across the country

A)- Rise in food inflation

B)- Malnutrition and undernourished population

C)- Unjust distribution of nutritional food

D)- An environment of social unrest

E)- Trust deficit on the incumbent administration

6)- Recommendations for getting away with the looming food crisis

A)- Formulating comprehensive food policies

B)- Necessary population control measures

C)- Incentivizing the medium to small scale farmers

D)- Ensuring the quality seed supply in the markets

E)- Improvement in supply chains

F)- Ensuring protective warehouses for food storages

G)- Implementing necessary land reforms

7)- Conclusion

Thesis statement 1: The shadow of the food crisis looms large on Pakistan given the large proportion of food insecure population and variety of other shortcomings. However, the issue can be resolved by taking necessary measures. Increasing food security and availability, and adopting modern mechanization and agricultural technology can help in negating the looming food crisis in the country.

Thesis statement 2: Prevailing food insecurity, malnutrition, child stunting are evident signs of looming food crisis across Pakistan. The country might be confronting the food crisis due to inconsistent agrarian policies, and a lack of modern mechanization practices. By adopting comprehensive food policies the looming food crisis can be done away with.

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