Israeli Attacks On Gaza; Self-Defense Or Consistent War-crimes

Artillery attacks as well as one of the most frequent ariel attacks on Gaza by Israeli Defense Forces seems the unilaterally acclaimed uncontested case with Joe Biden as a legal ally of Israel. The aggrieved party is the people of Gaza who are paying so hard in return for the crimes they never committed.

US’s relentless military backing of Israel is clearly evident from the most recent decision of the Biden administration to approve the sale of $735 million in precision-guided weapons to Israel. This has raised further red alarms for already aggrieved children and civilians across Gaza who are currently facing the heavy bombardment of Israel.

So far some 52,000 people in Palestine have been displaced due to Israeli attacks as per the announcement of the UN. And if this was not enough to increase the suffering of Palestinians, Israelis have also destroyed at least 50 schools in the occupied territory just to make sure no shelter would be offered to the homeless and devastated Palestinians because the majority of these schools were being used as shelters by Palestinian people.

America’s unwavering support to Israel is quite understandable from the historical perspective as she always sided the unjustified and illegal settlements of Jews in Palestine and later on the extended her military, social, as well as financial support to these illegal settlers as if it is part of religious duty. Joe Biden defended the Israeli war crimes by naming it as “self-defense“.

As a president of the biggest democracy and a country that owes a great deal of responsibility towards other nations of the world and international community, Mr. Biden must have acknowledged the fact that killing innocent civilians who are not participating in the war, killing children, destroying residential buildings, educational institutions, places of worship, harassing women, intentionally directing attacks against the civilian population, media offices, and the transfer, directly or indirectly, by the “Occupying Power” of parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies is not a part of self-defense but war crimes.

Unfortunately, there is no single document in international law that codifies all war crimes. However, lists of war crimes can be found in both international humanitarian law and international criminal law treaties, as well as in international customary law.

Essentially, one must not and can’t deny the ultimate right of Palestinian groups (Hamas) to resist in case of an armed attack. To be very frank Hammas’ rockets and the consequent impact they’re making on the Israeli side are creating a view of a failed compilation of crackers. In comparison to that, IDF has sophisticated American-style modern weaponry and opt for an easy target — the children, infants, and civilians who are not even a party to the conflict.

It is rather unobvious to call it even a conflict. Israeli attacks that have now entered their second week are severe disposition of unilateral massacre and genocide of Palestinians. Israeli forces are acting like a land-grabbing mafia who want Palestinians deprived of not only their lands but the lives and other belongings as well.

It was in 2012 that the state of Palestine got collective defacto recognition by UNGA. Apparently, such recognition has no legal obligation because de-facto recognition is a unilateral concern of the state. Therefore, the state of Palestine doesn’t fulfill the criteria of international recognition as per the terms and conditions of international law.

On the contrary, Israel got the tag of international recognition soon after its creation in 1949. Due to its status as a full member of the UN, Israel does have some international obligations and duties, and steer clear of war crimes is one of them.

As a UN member state prohibition of certain behavior in the conduct of armed conflict is customary. The intentional attacks by IDF on civilians, children, their properties, and places of education in Gaza are categorized as war crimes.

Moreover, Geneva Conventions and their additional protocols limit such an exclusive barbarism as they protect the people who don’t take part in the fighting and the 1949 Geneva Conventions have been ratified by almost all member states of the United Nations.

Israel also stands in clear violation of Article 49 (6) of the Fourth Geneva Convention and is taking away lands and building Jewish settlements under military presence.

Palestinian Liberation Organization, the modern-day Palestinian Authority, is a standalone legitimate representative of the Palestinian people. PLO compromised the legitimate Palestinian cause in an attempt to peacemaking with Israel and hoped that Israel would let them live in Peace on some 22 percent of the land Palestinians were left with under the banner of the Oslo Accord.

But unfortunately, the scenario proved otherwise. Oslo Accords that was apparently an agreement on Palestinian autonomy in the occupied territories fell as a severe shock to the Palestinian cause and proved significant in favor of Israel.

Meanwhile, India’s support to Israeli adversities is no indifferent as usual because of Hindu-majority in power already subjugating Muslims living back in their homeland. Whenever there is a matter of Muslims’ enmity India always leads from the front. The country who’s gov’t did blame Muslims for spreading natural calamities like coronavirus and tortured Muslim citizens in the guise of communal riots can never be hoped to gain the courage to stand by humanity as well as human rights.

The ultra-nationalistic and superfluous approach of Prime Minister Modi is already hitting the civilians very hard in his home country. Modi himself seems inspired by the Israeli nefarious designs and tactics, therefore, doing the same sort of things with residents of Jammu and Kashmir. It’s been more than a year and half that people of Kashmir are paying the cost of electing the hawkish prime minister to power.

In short, it is the high-handedness and biased approach by the world countries like that of America to hide Israeli war crimes and severe human rights violations under the cover of “self-defense”. It is by no means self-defense but the crimes on humanity being committed at the beck and call and under the strong military assistance of the US.

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