Israel-Palestine Conflict in the Light of U.S.’s Recognition of Jerusalem as Capital of Israel

Does Jerusalem Really Matter?

Jerusalem is the ancient city that lies at the very heart of Israel-Palestine conflict. It has been witnessed many times how just a small change on the ground here can quickly lead to flare-up and violence.
So what happens here really matters a lot.
Jerusalem is an important religiously as well as politically. It has some of the holiest sites for Jews, Muslims, and for Christians. Most Israeli sees Jerusalem as their “eternal undivided capital”. Shortly after the modern state of Israel, the Israeli Parliament was set up in the west of the city.

But after the 1967 war, Israel captured east Jerusalem, including the old city, but the move wasn’t recognized internationally. Palestinians have their own say on Israel. They want east Jerusalem as their capital and that’s part of the longstanding international formula for peace here, commonly known as “two-state solution”.

The UN Resolutions says that an independent Palestinian state would be created alongside Israel along the boundaries that existed before 1967. Many of the Palestinians have been here for centuries. The Jewish settlements in Jerusalem are seen as illegal under international law which Israel disagrees.

Trump’s decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem sparks another debate for the peace of the Middle East which was already in doldrums for long. If Palestine conflict is not resolved in line with relevant UN resolutions, it risks being taken over by radicalism and prolonged unrest. Jerusalem issue can only be resolved through negotiations.

There have been massive protests following Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The European countries like France and the UK advocate the two-state solution for Israel-Palestine conflict and would keep their embassies in or near Tel Aviv. Trump administration officially moved the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on May 14, 2018, in recognition of Israel’s capital.

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