Indonesian Tsunami Hits Villagers Even Harder

Indonesian Tsunami Hits Villagers Even Harder:

Indonesian earthquake and tsunami hits a dozen of village and cause of death of hundred of people. After causing destruction and death in the Palu – A city in Indonesia, the earthquake and tsunami has hit other villages even more harder. Boya village is one of the worst hit areas.

The houses began shaking as earthquake strike and not all residents got the time to run out of the houses. Many houses collapsed and toppled into the sea. It seems like not a single house left standing. The furniture, households float over the water as houses collapsed. Hundreds of aftershocks are making the situation even harder for the survivors and people are compelled to sleep on the grounds, along roadside, in open areas due to widespread destruction. Volunteers have started burying the dead in mass graves.The disaster was devastating the Sulawesi Island and left around 850 dead. The 7.5 magnitude of earthquake strike the Indonesian island at the mere depth of 10 km, setting off the tsunami. The tsunami warnings were issued but many people couldn’t get the signals because of power outages as the result of tremors. Sirens were also not placed off the coast. Indonesia is one of the most disaster prone countries all over the world and lie on the Pacific region – the area where most earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur. Indonesia is the world’s largest Island country with over 13000 islands and it lies between Indian and Pacific oceans.

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