How To Relieve Constipation With Home Remedies?


Why do people shy while talking about constipation? The reason is obvious and that is attached stereotypes while one talks or tries to talk about health and sanitation especially when it comes to private parts of the human body.

It is O.K. for people to search in Google but it does not sound cool for many of us to discuss the underlying health issues and causes of these issues, and constipation is one of them.

Hold on! Just put aside all the stereotypical thoughts about health and sanitation and normalize the much-needed discussion regarding health issues. Before jumping to the various home remedies that can help relieve constipation one needs to know about the things and situations that cause that serious health issue.

Some of these are; eating foods low in fiber, not drinking enough water (dehydration), not getting enough exercise, sedentary lifestyle, stress, and resisting the urge to have a bowel movement. Constipation occurs when bowel movements become less frequent and stools become difficult to pass.

Home Remedies

Olive Oil – A Lubricant For Your Body

Olive oil is one of those oils which are really beneficial for your body. If you have a constipation issue, you can utilize this blessing of nature with a combination of lemon juice. The taking of one tablespoon of olive oil with a teaspoon of lemon juice in the morning will work exceptionally for your stomach and soften your intestines to remove the issue of constipation from your body.

Fresh Lemon

A very few people know that fresh lemon is as effective in the stomach as it is helpful for the nose. The citric acid of lemon works as a stimulant in your digestive system which means smooth excretion of stool from your body without creating constipation. A big fresh lemon in a glass of warm water helps you a lot to control constipation easily.


Molasses can be really very helpful in some situations of constipation, whether it is chronic or occasional. It is very important to mention that blackstrap molasses is an item that helps the patient to get rid of constipation and it is because there are minerals and vitamins in it, in which magnesium is included which plays a great role in managing constipation in the human body.


Although there are a number of people who love coffee in the morning right after coming out of bed, there are very few people there who know that coffee can make your digestive system smooth. It is experienced that there is caffeine in the coffee, which performs as a stimulant in the stomach and digestive system.

Espagnol Husk

Espagnol (psyllium) husk is a miraculous fiber-containing remedy that can help you relieve constipation. You can take it with water or warm milk at bedtime for this purpose. When added in water or milk, it turns into a jelly-like consistency, that softens your stool. The insoluble fiber in Espagnol husk is very beneficial for your gut and improving bowel movements.


Honey has strong laxative properties that help you to relieve constipation. You can take two teaspoons of honey thrice a day or add it to warm water to relieve your constipation.


Prunes are the dried plums that have strong properties to treat constipation. Prune juice is prescribed to babies or children to relieve their constipation. They contain a lot of fiber that helps in constipation. And have sorbitol and phenolic compounds that are good for your digestive system.


Oats are full of fibers that are good for your digestion. That’s why it is advised to take oatmeal once a day to avoid constipation.


Water is the most essential thing for life. If you are dehydrated, your body can’t function properly. That’s why when it comes to constipation, focus on your water intake. Water softens the stool in your intestines and facilitates its movement in the gut.

Change in lifestyle

Our lifestyle is a great cause of different diseases and constipation is one of them. Our movement is very small and the facilities provided by science have made us motionless. If we spend some time in walks, running or take the initiative to do some exercise, it will help us a lot to make our stomach fresh and avoid constipation in the future.

If you still feel after practicing the above-discussed points that the issue of constipation persists, you must try to find out a doctor who will help you to make your digestive system accurate, smooth, and healthy.

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