Guidelines on Main Outline in CSS Essay Paper

One of the most crucial things about CSS riddle is getting through an essay paper. Language barriers may lessen the confidence of aspirants and create misunderstanding in adopting the right approach as per the requirement of the topic.

The main outline of the essay is an integral part and a definite approach is unavoidable when aspirants write an outline for an essay. For instance, if you come across the essay topic: “We are Poor because We are Poor”.

Main outline:

  1. Introduction
  2. What is poverty and what are its different dimensions?
  3. Facts that prove that we are poor because we as a nation were born poor.
  4. Impacts of poverty on nation and state.
  5. Steps already taken for the eradication of poverty.
  6. Recommendations for the amelioration of the situation.
  7. Conclusion.

The main outline of the essays sets the course and direction for the remaining contents of the essay. Sub-headings are secondary to the main outline of the essay. Let’s consider another topic of the essay and set the main outline.

     Gender Equality is a Myth.

Main outline:

  1. Introduction.
  2. What is the meaning of gender equality?
  3. Importance of gender equality.
  4. The situation of gender equality around the globe.
  5. Facts that prove that gender equality is not a myth but an achievable task.
  6. Hurdles in the way of gender equality.
  7. Steps were undertaken by the world community to remove gender disparity.
  8. Suggestions for materializing the dream of gender equality.
  9. Conclusion.

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