Female Genital Multilation – The Abandoned Practice

Millions of girls alive today have undergone the female genital multilation; a practice which involves the partial or complete removal of female external genitalia. It mostly happens in Middle East, Africa, Asia but also prevalent in USA, Europe and Latin America. FGM is usually performed between infancy and the age of 15 and is considered an essential part of raising a girl and preparing her for womanhood. Besides causing severe pain, FGM has serious health implications including infection, complications during the childbirth and even death. Over 90 percent of the girls in Somaliland are cut by traditional cutters with little or no medical training. The practice of FGM is legal in Somaliland though the practice is banned in many countries.

Fatma Nainb went on a journey to explore the traditions and controversies related to FGM. She has made a documentary for Aljazeerah about Female genital multilation. Talking about Female genital multilation makes people uncomfortable, she said. The practice of FGM is also known by other names including ‘cutting’, ‘initiation’ and ‘circumcision’. India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Pakistan are among Asian countries in which the FGM is performed, United Nation report said. Female genital multilation has no health benefits and about 6000 girls everyday becomes a victim to this indigenous ritual.

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