Fast radio burst – The Signs of Aliens

Fast radio burst (FRB) – The Signs of Aliens:

FRB are Fast Radio Bursts are signals or twinkles that strikes the telescopes; first being discovered about a decade ago. A new telescope spotted another bizarre of radio signals: FRB180725A. This FBR is the lowest frequency burst ever to be discovered.

The origin of these FRB’s is a mystery. Astronomers are of the opinion that these might be coming from the neutron star, nebulae or from around the hungry black hole. Some scientists are of the view that these FRB’s might be the signs of aliens. The FRB’s appear all over the sky but it quite improbable to log them in real time as telescopes focus on small silvers of the canopy.


The astronomers used a new telescope called the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment(CHIME). CHIME points out the latest wired signals. CHIME is a sensitive, large field of view telescope; the feature that makes it perfect for searching FRB’s. CHIME looks between 400 to 800 MHz.
Most of the FRB’s have been found between 1000 to 1500MHz.

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FRB’s Discovered So Far:

Around 40 of these flashes have been discovered so far in over ten years. Scientists do think that they’ll find FRB’s on a daily basis with the help of CHIME. Scientists found the brightest ever FRB earlier this year with the help of Parkes Observatory Telescope in Australia.

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