Exact Criteria About Numbers of PPSC

What Do You Exactly Know About PPSC Number of Chances Criteria?

As per policy recommendations the Punjab Public Service Commission allow three chances to a candidate if he or she applies in a particular category of job advertised by the PPSC. If a candidate passed the written test as well as the interview and gets recommendations by PPSC and don’t get a seat against the applied post then his or her chance will not be considered as consumed.
However, if a candidate pass the written and interview but not included in the list of recommended candidates, his or her chance shall be considered as consumed.
The only exception is being given to the candidates of Lecturer who are applicable for more than one job. He/She shall have three chances in each subject for which he/she is a candidate.
There is ambiguity regarding number of chances in written part of PPSC Examination as the commission has classified the written test, written examination and interview as one irrespective of the type or categories of post. The commission should review its three chance criteria. The commission must also clear this imprecision with the immediate effect in the larger interest of public so that the candidates may avoid frustration at the time of test or interview.

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