Dry Winds, Nose Bleeds And Electric Shocks: Do These Symptoms Ring The Alarm Bells?

When the amount of moisture in the air decreases and the weather is dry, the nose also becomes dry and due to this dryness, blood flows from the nose because the system inside the nose does not tolerate dryness.

After strong winds have been blowing in different parts of Pakistan for the last three days, people have been complaining of nose bleeds and electric shocks.

On the other hand, some people on social media are complaining of nose bleeds and severe dryness of the skin and are seeking advice to remedy it.

Dr. Nadir Khan, Deputy Head, Department of Otolaryngology, Ear and Throat, District Headquarters Hospital, Dir, informed while talking to a news channel that there is nothing to worry about.

He said that symptoms of nasal bleeding in dry weather include mild nosebleeds or dry nose, usually in the cold and dry weather of December and January.

At the same time, Dr. Nader suggested that in case of symptoms, petroleum jelly in the nose or ordinary oil or Vaseline in the home can be used to keep the nose dry.

He also instructed to use face masks. According to Dr. Nader: “When the amount of moisture in the air decreases and the weather is dry, the nose also becomes dry and due to this dryness, blood flows from the nose because the system inside the nose does not tolerate dryness.”

What to do in case of bleeding?

In this regard, Dr. Nader said, “If there is light bleeding, it is not a matter of concern. Close the nostrils of the affected person or woman firmly with your fingers and turn the head towards the ground for a while.

‘Referring to other causes of nosebleeds, Dr. Nader said that there could be various causes, most of which are congenital diseases in children. In this disease, the child’s blood clotting system is weakened.

“Children often injure it by putting something in their nose, which is why they receive more complaints of nosebleeds,” he said.

In some people, severe trauma and kidney problems are also a cause. He also said that cleaning the nose with the finger is one of the reasons as the veins inside the nose get injured due to the force of the finger.

Home remedies

Dr. Arshad Abbas, Assistant Professor, Department of Nose, Ear and Throat, Gaju Khan Medical College, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, also told the Independent Urdu some household tips that can help prevent nosebleeds in dry weather.

“If a person does not have a problem with blood pressure, they should mix baking soda and salt in a glass of water and wash their nose with this water, which will clear the nose and there will be no problem of bleeding due to dryness,” he said. ‘

Dr. Arshad added: “Another tip is to add a small amount of pyodine to a glass of water and wash your nose with it, which will keep the nose dry and will not cause bleeding.”

Why is there an electric shock when you touch something?

According to experts, this is not a matter of concern, but a scientific process, which is called ‘electrostatics’.

According to the website ‘Airtec Solutions’, all the things in daily life have electrons and protons or in simple language charge. Electrons are negative and protons are called positively charged.

You may have noticed in a car battery or in the electricity of a house that one is called a hot wire in common parlance, which contains electrons and the other wire carries protons.

Similarly, if we take the example of a metal door, when you walk on a surface such as a carpet, electrons enter your body from the surface of the carpet and these same electrons then try to get out of the body.

Now when the electrons enter the body and you touch the metal door latch, the same electrons move from the body to the latch, which generates electricity and the person feels a slight jolt.

You may have seen this process while touching a silk curtain.

Similarly, after combing, when you hold the comb a short distance from the hair, your hair begins to stand up. This is also the process by which electrons are transferred from the comb to the hair.

Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground.

According to a report by The Earth Network, when the amount of moisture in the air is high, the same amount of electrons or current that comes out of your body absorbs this current and before you touch the door latch, a large number of electrons in the body move into this moisture and the current is not felt by touching the latch.

But when the humidity in the air is low, the same current is transmitted to anything more than the human body and the human body feels like a shock.

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