Does Islamophobia Exist? Canadian Premier Views About Islamophobia After Muslim Family Brutally Killed in Canada, Ont.

Rich in natural beauty, a place of numerous mind-boggling glaciers to secluded lakes, and having breathtaking mountains to spectacular forests, the expanse of Canada’s natural beauty is almost unparalleled worldwide that’s the most dreaming visiting point for anyone around the world. Despite these beautiful landscapes, Canada is still considered the most peaceful nation over the globe. But is it true?

Being the 2nd largest country by total land area, Canada is home to 37.6 Million people. With over 1.7 Trillion GDP, Canada is the 10th largest economy currently in the world. With such a huge land area and one of the biggest economies, Canada is one of the largest countries to support immigrants and its Government promotes a good and peaceful image of Canada all over the globe to attract skillful immigrants who help to boost up their economy.
Despite all these efforts, there are also a lot of challenges currently faced by the Canadian Government. And among them, Islamophobia is the most crucial issue which needs to be resolved. According to Wikipedia, Islamophobia refers to a set of discourses, behaviors & structures which express feelings of anxiety, fear, hostility, and rejection towards Islam or Muslims living in Canada.

Members of the Sikh, Christian Arab, Jewish Arab, and Hindu communities have all reported incidents of harassment which, while intended towards Muslims, was traumatic and broader in its scope than just Muslims. Peculiarly, after the 9/11 attack in the United States, a variety of surveys, polls, as well as reported incidents, have consistently given credence to the existence of Islamophobia in Canada.

View of Canadian Premier About Islamophobia After Violent Killing of a Canadian Muslim Family in Canada, Ont.

On 6th June 2021, a lot of Canadians had been enjoying evening walks to get a bit of fresh air after long days at home during this pandemic. On Sunday in London Ontario, Canada, a Pakistani Canadian family went out on a stroll on a warm weekend evening.

Three generations of the Afzaal Family, Salman, Madiha, and their Children Yumna & Fayaz, and their Grandmother Talat Afzaal, but unlike other night, that family never came back to their home as they were hit by a speeding truck. Their lives were taken in a brutal cowardly and brazen act of violence. They were murdered in a horrific act of Islamophobic violence in London, Ont. A nine-year-old boy was hospitalized with serious injuries, is the only survivor of a terror attack.

“This killing was no accident; this is a terrorist attack motivated by hatred in the heart of one of our communities. If anyone thinks racism & hatred don’t exist in this country, I ask them this, how do we explain such violence that children in hospitals? how can we look families in the eyes and says Islamophobia isn’t real. When you listen to the black Muslim woman who constantly looks over her shoulder at the bus stop fearing someone will pull off her hijab or hurt her she’ll tell Islamophobia exists.” Remarked Canadian Premier Justin Trudeau in the House of Commons.

He further discussed the other such attacks that were happened due to Islamophobia & racism. He said, “the cowardly murder of Muhammad Aslam Zafiz at a Mosque in Toronto, the violent attack against black Muslim women in Edmonton, and so many other people across the country who faced insults, threats, and violence.

They were all targeted because of their Muslim faith. This is happening here in Canada and it has to stop.”
He with the leaders of Canada’s federal parties traveled to a mosque in London, Ontario, on Tuesday evening, joining thousands at a vigil for the Afzaal family run to present their condolence on such attack.

They listened to members of the city’s Muslim community express frustration over the lack of action to address Islamophobia.

“Such an act of violence has no place in Canadian society,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said at the time.
Whereas President Biden must condemn the “growing phenomenon of global Islamophobia” after Sunday’s attack, the Council on American-Islamic Relations said in a statement Tuesday. The organization asked the president to appoint a special envoy to monitor and combat Islamophobia.

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