Demographic Disaster in Pakistan – The ticking time bomb

Pakistan is confronted with a potential demographic disaster with a population of about 704.74 million. Illiteracy, women backwardness, unmet need for contraceptives and early child marriages are adding to the dilemma of a population crisis.

Bill Gates has rightly argued that education and women empowerment can bring down the population growth. The annual growth rate of Pakistan is 2.4percent according to United Nations Population Fund. The population of cities is rapidly rising exceeding available resources.

Choices can change the world so women must be empowered to delay or prevent the pregnancy and realize her economic potential in full in order to maintain the population within the limits of available resources. Oslo once said that if a man really loves women then the population of the world would not be as much as it is today.

The population crisis triggers youth management issues as it becomes difficult to absorb the youth bulge. The rate of unemployed youth in Pakistan has risen to about 9.1 percent in 2015 from 6.5 percent in 2007 as stated by National Human Development Report. Families must be encouraged to have two to three children and religious scholars must play their role to bottle the genies of rapidly expanding populations.

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