CSS 2012 Solved MCQs of General Knowledge – Current Affairs

  • The first constructed barrage of Pakistan: Sukkur Barrage.
  • Where was Jesus Christ born: Jerusalem.
  • RAW is an abbreviation of Research and Analysis Wing.
  • The first Viceroy of India: Lord Canning.
  • East India Company was established in 1600.
  • According to Rousseau, legitimate political authority is based on social conduct.
  • British Government sold Kashmir to Gulab Singh in 1846.
  • Gymnophobia is the fear of nudity.
  • Mac Mohan line is the border between India and China.
  • Places experiencing an equal impact of the earthquake are seismic lines.
  • The deepest ocean in the world: the Pacific ocean.
  • The largest airport in the world: Dubai Airport (as of 2012).
  • FBI of America was established in 1908.
  • Who’s the founder of Republican Party of USA: Thomas Jefferson.
  • The WAFA news agency belongs to Palestine.
  • The first chief minister of Balochistan from May 1972 to February 1973: Sardar Ataullah Mengal.
  • The first Muslim chief of air staff of Pakistan: Air Marshal Asghar Khan.
  • The country which is the biggest producer of Uranium in the world: Canada. (Kazakhstan as of now).
  • In Pakistan, the first martial law was imposed in October 1958.
  • The federal government established the Thar Coal Authority in the year: 2008.

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Some important inventions in the world:

Q.26 What is the name of the inventor of the Camera (flexible roll film) Photographic film (using celluloid)?

Ans. George Eastman in 1888-1889


Q.27 The Swiss Army knife is invented by—

Ans. Karl Elsner in 1891.


Q.28 When was the Electric washing machine invented?

Ans. 1908,1910 (patent) by Alva Fisher.


Q.29 Who is the inventor of Penicillin?

Ans. Alexander Fleming in 1928.


Q.30 Who invented the Machine gun?

Ans. Richard Jordan Gatling in 1862.


Q.31 Who invented Rocket, liquid-fueled (first launch)?

Ans. Robert Goddard in 1926.


Q.32 Who is the inventor of the submarine?

Ans. Cornelis Dribble.

Q.33 Who is the inventor of Refrigerator?

Ans. Carl Paul Gottfried von Linde.


Q.34 When was Pacemaker (artificial, implantable) invented?

Ans. in 1960 (first implant) by Wilson Greatbatch.


Q.35 Who invented the Microscope (compound)?

Ans. Hans Janssen in 1590.


Q.36 Who is the inventor of the Calculator (pocket)?

Ans. Jack Kilby in 1967 (patent).


Q.37 When was the Battery (dry cell) invented?

Ans. in 1866 (patent) by Georges Leclenche.


Q.38 Who invented Bicycle (pedal)?

Ans. Kirkpatrick Macmillan in 1839.


Q.39 Who is the inventor of Balloon (hot air)?

Ans. Joseph-Michel & Jacques-Etienne Montgolfier in 1783.


Q.40 Who is the inventor of Match (safety, phosphorous)?

Ans. Johan Edvard Lundstrom in 1855.


Q.41 When was the Plastic surgery invented?

Ans. in 1940 by Archibald Hector McIndoe.


Q.42 Who invented Genetics?

Ans. Johann Gregor Mendel in 1866.


Q.43 When was the Gas mask invented?

Ans. in 1912 by Garrett Augustus Morgan.


Q.44 Who invented Micro-processor?

Ans. Robert Norton Noyce & Gordon Moore in 1971.


Q.45 Who is the inventor of Radio telescope?

Ans. Grote Rebar in 1937.


Q.46 What is the name of the inventor of the Cash register?

Ans. James J Ritty in 1879.


Q.47 Who invented X-rays?

Ans. Wilhelm Roentgen in 1895.


Q.48 Who invented Aerosol can?

Ans. Erik Rotheim in 1926,1927 (patent).


Q.49 Who is the inventor of Morphine?

Ans. Friedrich Wilhelm Adam Serturner in 1805.


Q.50 Who is the creator of the Jet engine?

Ans. Frank Whittle in 1930 (patent).

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