Countries with Confirmed Cases of Coronavirus

                                                                       Source: John Hopkins Medicine

Turkey has decided to close its borders with Iran and so is Pakistan. Both the countries share porous borders with Iran and infiltration can easily spread the outbreak in the neighboring countries. Here’s the list of countries with the exact number of coronavirus. The list originally shared by The Guardian. 


Global case numbers are reported by the World Health Organization in their Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) situation. Source: Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

China: 77,000 people have been infected and 2,442 have died.

South Korea: 602 people have been infected by the virus and five people have died.

Japan: more than 130 people have been infected and four have died.

Singapore: 85 people infected.

Thailand: 35 cases.

Malaysia: 22 cases.

Taiwan: 26 cases, including one death.

Australia: 17 cases.

Vietnam: 16 cases.

Philippines: three cases, including one death.

India: three cases

Nepal: one case.

Sri Lanka: one case.

Cambodia: one case

United States: 35 cases.

Canada: eight cases.

Italy: 132 cases, two deaths.

Germany: 16 cases.

France: 12, including one death.

Britain: nine cases.

Russia: five cases.

Spain: two cases.

Finland: one case.

Sweden: one case.

Belgium: one case.

Iran: 43, eight deaths, the largest number of fatalities of any country outside China.

United Arab Emirates: 11 cases

Israel: one case.

Lebanon: one case.

Egypt: one case.


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