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Corruption; Causes And Effects

1)-  Introduction

2)-  What is corruption?

  • Misuse of power and authority
  • Abuse of entrusted power for private gain
  • Bribery

3)-  Causes of Corruption

  • Lack of professional ethics
  • Absence of accountability
  • Greed for money
  • High prices of goods and services
  • Inefficiencies in the administrative structure
  • Poor regulation of price control
  • Absence of rule of law
  • Low salaries
  • Lack of transparency
  • Poor economic policies
  • Non-formal economy
  • Prevailing social inequalities
  • Poverty
  • Absolute authority over things and people
  • Lack of moral values
  • Lapses in the education system

4)-  Effects of corruption

  • Lack of meritocracy
  • Forgery
  • Mispricing
  • Hoarding and illegal storage
  • Brain drain
  • Backwardness
  • The rise in crime and terror incidents
  • Psychological and social issues
  • Loss of national wealth
  • Social insecurity
  • Weak economic state
  • Poor development
  • Rich becomes richer
  • Poor becomes poorer

5)-  Recommendations for eradication of corruption

  • Ensuring transparency
  • Across the board accountability
  • Maintenance of law and order
  • Ensuring political accountability
  • Strong political will
  • Devolution of power and authority
  • Use of modern technology
  • Enhancing awareness among the people
  • Action against the hoarders and money launderers
  • Regularization of economy

6)-  Conclusion

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