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Famous American linguistic, philosopher, political activist, and cognitive scientist Noam Chomsky justifiably pronounced education as a system of imposed ignorance. Nowadays, we’ve so much information, but know so little.
Photo credit: Premium Times Nigeria. What are SDGs? The Sustainable Development Goals are a collection of 17 goals. These goals were set up by UN General Assembly in 2015.
What is budget? An estimate of income and expenditure for a set period of time. When does fiscal year start? The fiscal year starts from 1 July through 30
Punjab Budget for the fiscal year 2021-22 “This Budget is not a ‘magic of statistics’ but is a document based on development,” says CM Punjab Usman Buzdar.  Total budget
Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lost it. Health crises in Pakistan are as deeply prevalent as other social ills
China and Pakistan share common borders, common interests, and more or less common enemies. So far the Chinese education is concerned, it is a matter of utmost diligence on
Another day another woman! No wonder this society has become more dangerous a place for women than the ghost-ridden cellar. The shocking incident in which hundreds of people who
Pakistan – the country that is existing on the map of the world since Britishers agreed to depart from the sub-continent – has inherited what we call the parliamentary
The downpour season is back and so are the painful memories of devastation it caused in the last few years. The first spell of monsoon caused flash floods in
The previous entry into the war on terror had cost Pakistan too much in cash and in-kind with a sum total of 83,000 lives and almost $126 billion as
In the uncertain and choppy global political landscape, only those states remain successful that make foreign policy choices keeping in view their national interest. Unfortunately, that has not been
A great deal of controversy surrounds the Single National Curriculum – a project that government aspires to implement in schools and Madrassahs alike. Many among the ministers of government
Special Assistant to Punjab’s Chief Minister, Firdous Ashiq Awan, said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided to regularize the poultry sector in Pakistan. She said that the poultry
Pakistan’s Shehroz Kashif has become the first young mountaineer to conquer the world’s highest Mount Everest. 19 year-old Shehroz Kashif becomes the youngest Pakistani to summit Mount Everest. He
Construction of the Volkswagen plant in Pakistan will officially commence within this quarter. This new plant will have the capacity to produce 28,000 vehicles annually.   After several delays
Pakistan’s exports have been increasing gradually. During the ten months of the current fiscal year (July 2020 to April 2021), the exports to UK have jumped by 31% to
Pakistan must not and should not fall into the trap of the Modi Govt. that wants to internalize the issue of Kashmir by keeping the debate between Article 370
  In a ground-breaking development, America-based tech giant, Amazon, has added Pakistan to its approved seller list, local media reported on Thursday. Pakistan has reportedly received approval from Amazon
At the time when backchannel talks between Pakistan and India have been confirmed by a senior officials on our side, the complete silence on the Indian side raises serious
Alarming! Brazilian and South African variants of COVID-19 are detected in Pakistan. The National Institute of Health (NIH) in Islamabad has detected the Brazilian and South African variants of


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