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The country with a population of about 25 million is rightly regarded as a success story in controlling the spread of COVID-19 as it has timely arrested the spread
Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) reported a drop in the inflation rate for the fourth successive month. The inflation rate stood at 8.2% in May 2020 despite a seasonal
      Moment of silence for #GeorgeFloyd — Ricardo Lopez (@rljourno) May 29, 2020 Video shared on social media showing protesters stopping their march at one point,
George Floyd, an American, was handcuffed by a police officer in Minneapolis – the largest city in the U.S. state of Minnesota. The video of late Mr.Floyd that has
The Barrister Hassan Niazi shares a video message in which he tells that police refuse to register the First Information Report of the assault against the actress Uzma Khan.
While the world is fighting with the COVID-19 crisis, the two Asian giants once again went into a stand-off amid constructions in the disputed Himalayan region. A Himalayan border
This is the very first time that the new generation of the 21st century is witnessing such unprecedented and testing times. At the time when the new version of
PIA Flight PK8303 that was carrying 91 passengers and eight crew, crashed on approach to the busy Jinnah International Airport. Two passengers are among the survivors as per the
Pakistan International Airlines plane has crashed in Karachi on a flight from Lahore, aviation officials say. Pictures shared on social media show smoke rising from the crash site, a
Why Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated? Eid al-Fitr is the festival of breaking the fast that marks the end of Holy Month of Ramadan. The celebrations for Eid-ul-Fitr continue for three
Global human development-which can be measured as a combination of the world’s education, health, and living standards — could decline this year for the first time since 1990 mainly
Two babies and 11 mothers and nurses have been killed in a militant attack on a hospital in the Afghanistan’s capital. The assault happened on the Barchi Hospital in
Israel’s top court has ruled Benjamin Netanyahu can legally form a government while under criminal indictment for corruption. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s indictment on corruption charges does not disqualify him
US Ambassador to Pakistan Paul W. Jones has announced an American contribution of $7.5 million to support Pakistan’s Government-Owned Ehsaas Emergency Cash Programme and for the provision of therapeutic
At least 13 people have been confirmed dead and hundreds more have been hospitalized after the gas leak incident at an LG Polymers plant in India. The plant lies
Dogs have been trained to effectively sniff out several diseases from cancer, malaria, and Parkinson’s disease to blood sugar levels in diabetics, and now researchers are hoping to apply
The lockdown strategy that restricted more than a third of the world’s population to homes has contributed to slow the spread of COVID-19. Testing, as well as contact tracing
Anyone suspected of sympathies for freedom for an independent Uighur state could be detained without trial. Attempts by family members to recover the detained relatives from police stations or
Federal Government in Pakistan has decided to hold lockdown till April 30. The country has also extended border closures for another two weeks. Pakistan has recorded 5,374 cases of
Government of Pakistan has extended its travel restriction ban until April 21st. Authorities state that this is in a bid to continue containing the spread of COVID-19.    


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