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What Exactly Happened At Al-Aqsa Mosque Last Night?

According to Palestinian Red Crescent emergency services, more than 200 Palestinians were injured, with about half of them requiring medical attention at hospitals and at a special field hospital that was set up. Many injuries were to the eyes and the face. Israel’s crimes against Palestinians have reached such severity …

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How The Prolems of Indian Farmers Be Addressed? Why Indian Government Blames Pakistan As Main Reason of Farmers’ Agitation?


Prior consultation with farming associations as well as farmers’ representatives can avoid any such flashed protests that disturb the overall political environment of the capital. India is a democratic country and the democratic rights of its citizens must not be put in abeyance while doing any legislation under the pretext …

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Video: How Do Vaccines Work To Protect Us?


Vaccines won’t make you sick because they are made of very small amounts of weak or dead germs. More often vaccines provide long-lasting immunity to serious diseases without risking one’s health. Vaccines help the body’s immune system fight infections faster and more effectively. When someone gets a vaccine, it sparks …

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Beirut Explosion Makes Afresh Pakistan’s 1988 Ojhri Camp Disaster

A massive explosion has torn through the Lebanese capital Beirut causing. Dozens of people are known to have been killed in the blast. Officials say they expect the death toll to rise sharply. The huge explosion in the capital Beirut has killed at least 78 people and injured more than …

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Harvard And MIT Filed Suit To Prevent Thee Government From Barring International Students from Online-Only Universities

Harvard And MIT Filed Suit To Prevent Thee Government From Barring International Students from Online-Only Universities According to University President Lawrence S. Bacow, the Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology filed a lawsuit in District Court in Boston Wednesday morning against the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Immigration …

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Why COVID-19 Death Rate is Dangerously High in the U.S.A.?

The COVID-19 remains an ongoing threat and resulted in the drastic ratio of death rate in the U.S.that has now passed 340 per million residents, just over 100 times the rate in China. This figure has been reported by Time Magazine in its latest report. The Economist report explains that the response …

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China-India Standoff: China Says Consensus Reached With India

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying referring to the current standoff between India and China and (LAC) in Eastern Ladakh said on Monday that India and China have reached a consensus not to escalate the situation further, and maintain peace and stability along the border together. The confrontations between troops …

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Inflation In May 2020 Drops To Lowest In The Past 11 Months

Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) reported a drop in the inflation rate for the fourth successive month. The inflation rate stood at 8.2% in May 2020 despite a seasonal spike in the prices of essential food items.  PBS calculates the reading by monitoring prices of 356 commodities in 35 cities …

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What Sparks The Recent China-India Border Standoff?


While the world is fighting with the COVID-19 crisis, the two Asian giants once again went into a stand-off amid constructions in the disputed Himalayan region. A Himalayan border standoff between China and India was triggered by India’s construction of roads and airstrips in disputed Kashmir as the later competes …

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Karachi Plane Crash: Accounts Of Eye Witness

PIA Flight PK8303 that was carrying 91 passengers and eight crew, crashed on approach to the busy Jinnah International Airport. Two passengers are among the survivors as per the initial report. An eyewitness told the BBC he had heard a massive sound when he’s coming back after offering his prayer. …

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Video| PIA Plane Crashes Near Karachi Airport

Pakistan International Airlines plane has crashed in Karachi on a flight from Lahore, aviation officials say. Pictures shared on social media show smoke rising from the crash site, a residential area in Karachi. The plane, which was reportedly carrying around 99 passengers and eight crew, was flying from Lahore to …

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