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Plastic pollution poses a major threat to ocean life, and it is one of the largest threats that oceans face. Every year millions of tonnes of plastic flow from
Whilst there’s not any clinically recommended drug to treat the patients of COVID-19, the pair of new Coronavirus treatment reports are offering new insights into experimental drugs being tried
    Coronaviruses are a family of so-called enveloped viruses. The viruses are coated in an oily coat, known as a lipid bilayer, studded with proteins that stick out
The provinces of Pakistan have sought the assistance of the Pakistan Army under Article 245 of the constitution to help deal with the coronavirus situation. The number of people
As of now, each and every thing is relatable to pandemic of Coronavirus. Businesses; technology; transportation network including rail, road, and air transport; services everything is getting effected out
Kaiser Permanente study leader Dr.Lisa Jackson told TRT WORLD that Covid-19’s vaccine isn’t made from virus. The vaccine does have genetic code that restricts the cells in wthe body
Turkey has decided to close its borders with Iran and so is Pakistan. Both the countries share porous borders with Iran and infiltration can easily spread the outbreak in
In addition to Li, at least 4 other citizens(journalists) were arrested after sharing information about the outbreak on social media. Dr. Li was censored for warnings he shared on
South Asia is currently home to nearly 1.8 billion people — the majority living in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh — and has been the fastest-growing region for the past
Ebola virus is making a fast spread across the Democratic Republic of Congo since the eruption of the outbreak in 2018. It is the second major episode of the
UNAIDS officials brief about the causes of the HIV epidemic in Sindh and said that unsafe injection practices and poor control of infection are the leading causes of the
Blueberries are rich sources of polyphenols called anthocyanins, which give them their distinctive color. Journal of Gerontology claims in new research that ‘Blue’ in the blueberries can help lower
Unhealthy western diets especially those which are high in salt and lacking fruit or fiber are responsible for more deaths around the globe than smoking and hypertension, a study
Pakistan’s threat of polioviruses can only be tackled when every child entering the country is made polio-free by vaccination provided the improvements in living and housing standards of the
Pakistan is confronted with a potential demographic disaster with a population of about 704.74 million. Illiteracy, women backwardness, unmet need for contraceptives and early child marriages are adding to the
December 1 is observed as World AIDS Day. The motive behind the celebration is to spread awareness among the people regarding lethal disease and its gruesome impact on society.
Diabetes; A Metabolic Disease’s Endemic to Pakistan Diabetes – A metabolic disorder in which a person has high blood sugar levels due to an inability to produce insulin hormone.
The number of reported polio cases in 2018 is 8 in Pakistan and the number of reported cases in neighbouring Afghanistan is 22 as per figures indicated by the
Millions of girls alive today have undergone the female genital multilation; a practice which involves the partial or complete removal of female external genitalia. It mostly happens in Middle
Low pH Products Should be Restricted: Acid attacks are seen as a symbol of mystery everywhere and attracts audiences worldwide but this single menace can be outdated by demolishing


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