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Neither 370 Nor 35A; Pakistan’s Historic Stance on Kashmir is Crucial

Pakistan must not and should not fall into the trap of Modi Govt. that wants to internalize the issue of Kashmir by keeping the debate between Article 370 and Article 35A.  Former Ambassador of Pakistan, Ashraf Jehangir, in his latest write up very rightly correlated the melting of ice between …

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Covid-19 Pandemic; A Nightmare In South Asia

India’s rising number of positive Covid-19 cases is pushing its healthcare system to the brink of collapse. From the country’s richest cities to its remotest corners; every single Covid-19 patient who needs oxygen is at the high risk because of oxygen unavailability. India was adding about 90,000 cases daily. In …

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Economic Potential Of Suez Canal Explained

Any blockage to the Suez Canal costs 9 9.6 billion a day. Due to the temporary blockage of the canal, Egypt is losing 14 million dollars daily. Why Suez Canal is important economically? Egypt earns billions of dollars in toll tax through Suez Canal. About 30 percent of global container …

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Casual Sexism Is Very Casual. Why It Shouldn’t Be?


  Gone are the days when women were treated like an inhuman kind of commodity and the heinous crimes like female infanticide were common, and women were being portrayed as lesser human beings. Now, it’s time when women are doing equally well like a man and contributing in almost every …

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Civil Service Reform: Old Wine In The New Bottle


 Improving the civil service requires an end to political interference and the creation of a fair system for promotions and retirements with minimal human bias, departmental loyalty, political interference, and the role of intelligence agencies. The PTI government has recently announced new laws on promotions, discipline, and forced retirement in …

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How The Prolems of Indian Farmers Be Addressed? Why Indian Government Blames Pakistan As Main Reason of Farmers’ Agitation?


Prior consultation with farming associations as well as farmers’ representatives can avoid any such flashed protests that disturb the overall political environment of the capital. India is a democratic country and the democratic rights of its citizens must not be put in abeyance while doing any legislation under the pretext …

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Impacts of COVID-19 on Education Sector

The pandemic has reshaped the dynamics of education worldwide seriously challenging the status quo. All we need to do is to transform the education sector from the formal classrooms towards digitization so as to meet the requirements of education during unprecedented times. The ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 has certainly affected …

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Problem of Unemployment In Pakistan

Introduction Unemployment is one of the persistent social problems confronting the land of the pure. Fluctuations in the overall unemployment rate have been there but the issue has never been resolved fully by adopting innovative approach and thoughtful manhandling of the country’s huge labour force. Unemployment – An Economic Indicator …

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Socio-Economic Impacts Of Covid-19 Pandemic

Outline: 1. Introduction 2. A brief overview of the Covid-19 Pandemic Origin of COVID-19 How Covid-19 spreads? Is Covid-19 temperature-sensitive Potential treatment of COVID-19 3. Socio-economic Impacts of COVID-19 Global economic depression Income and job losses Reduction in remittances The decline in global trade Increase in food insecurity Dramatic fall …

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