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A sense of fear still prevails inside Pakistan, and we can relate it to the fragile situation of politics in Afghanistan. Afghanistan and Pakistan are immediate neighbors and anything
China and Pakistan share common borders, common interests, and more or less common enemies. So far the Chinese education is concerned, it is a matter of utmost diligence on
Education is a quintessential and unavoidable necessity for any nation to thrive and survive. To make progress avoiding education is just unaffordable. So far the reforms in the country’s
Pakistan – the country that is existing on the map of the world since Britishers agreed to depart from the sub-continent – has inherited what we call the parliamentary
U.S. President in a statement this Tuesday uttered that he did not regret his decision to withdraw from Afghanistan adding that the U.S. has spent more than $1 trillion
The brutal military siege of the Occupied land done by India two years ago continues even today. This move has turned Kashmir into an open jail. Whoever raises a
Court backlogs are actually pending cases that are pending before the courts longer than the prescribed duration. The proverb vehemently describes the state of the justice system in Pakistan
A great deal of controversy surrounds the Single National Curriculum – a project that government aspires to implement in schools and Madrassahs alike. Many among the ministers of government
PM Imran Khan’s heated comments regarding women’s clothing drew him into the hot waters with a heavy dose of criticism from journalists as well as social media. This is
The UN’s report of the Refugee Agency regarding displaced persons reflects the aftermaths of a man-made catastrophe with over 82 million people forcibly replaced. Some 42pc of these refugees
Canada is one of the most culturally and racially diverse countries around the world but the recent attack on a Muslim family in Ontario has once again raised the
Tensions between the U.S. and China are likely to intensify further under the Biden Presidency. The stressful relations of the US with China, perhaps, opening up new cold war
Covid-19 has taught us one thing for sure and that is the importance of health. Pakistan, however, did quite well on reducing the mortalities from Covid-19 yet seriously compromised
The economic situation is reviewed in the month of June every year and this year’s state of the economy as ascertained in the Economic Survey of Pakistan 2020-21 asserts
Rich in natural beauty, a place of numerous mind-boggling glaciers to secluded lakes, and having breathtaking mountains to spectacular forests, the expanse of Canada’s natural beauty is almost unparalleled
The Sindh Government’s decision to block the salaries of employees who are not willing to get vaccinated is indeed a drastic step. In Pakistan where public trust in the
Pakistan’s interprovincial water dispute remains unresolved particularly between Sindh and Punjab even three decades after the signing of the Water Apportionment Accord of 1991. Punjab and Sindh share a
As Pakistan is hosting this years’ World Environment Day, there’s an opportunity for the country to reassess and reorient its environmental policies. Within two years of 1972 Stockholm Declaration,
Artillery attacks as well as one of the most frequent ariel attacks on Gaza by Israeli Defense Forces seems the unilaterally acclaimed uncontested case with Joe Biden as a
One-liner of recent Imran Khan’s visit to Saudi Arabia is that if things go well between the two countries’ leadership then it’ll surely move Pakistan one step forward and


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