Are Modern Wars Not Holy Wars?



1)- Introduction

2)- Transition of wars from holy to modern – a brief insight

3)- Modern wars are not holy wars because they are;

a)- fought for political gains
b)- contested for personal gains
C)- fought in the name of national honor and pride
d)- brawls under the guise of social freedom
e)- mere depiction of human welfare

4)- Modern wars are holy wars because they are; (anti-thesis)

a)- suited to the ideological and political perspectives of a nation
b)- fought for the collective betterment of the society
c)- indispensable for keeping up the national integrity
d)- necessary to keep the social freedom and social justice upfront
e)- unavoidable to ascertain human welfare

5)- Modern wars, indeed, are more calamitous than ever perceived. They;

a)- damage peaceful negotiations and bring political chaos
b)- cause death and destruction in the name of personal interests
c)- bring up more geographical disputes to nations
d)- compromise the social freedom of oppressed
e)- destroy the collective well-being of people

6)- Conclusion

Thesis statement: Fought merely in the name of social and political welfare modern wars are an uphill task to deal with. No matter how much these wars satisfy the national and international claims, they are in no way holy wars because of their multidimensional consequences. All we can do is highlighting their vast consecutions and enlighten people about the diplomatic solutions to disputes.

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