Are Modern Cities Fit For Human Living?

Are Modern Cities Fit For Human Living?

1)- Introduction

2)- A mere glance at modern cities

3)- Why modern Cities are unfit for human living? (thesis)

A)- Inefficient urban planning
B)- Formation of Urban heat islands
C)- Modern cities; more prone to natural calamities
D)- Inefficacies in public service delivery
E)- Absence of collective consciousness and cultural clashes

4)- How modern cities are liveable and worthwhile? (Anti-thesis)

A)- Construction of modern infrastructure
B)- Provision of modern devices to reduce the environmental impact
C)- Warning systems to alert about the future calamities
D)- Availability of public services of various nature
E)- Cultural diversity and elements of tolerance

5)- Modern cities can be made more liveable through an all-out comprehensive approach by;

A)- Adopting more balanced urban planning
B)- Making modern cities eco-friendly
C)- Increasing the efficacy of early warning systems
D)- Improving the service delivery through artificial intelligence
E)- Magnifying the collective forethought through mass literacy

6)- Conclusion

Thesis statement: Due to progress on technological fronts, life in a modern city is idealized from various perspectives. A more rational view depicts cities less liveable and more uninhabitable from the ecological standpoint. Efficient governance, and comprehensive urban planning can improve the liveability of modern cities.

Thesis statement 2: Modern technology and upward social mobility are the basic factors that attract mankind to live in modern cities. Regrettably, socio-cultural and environmental concerns create high opportunity cost for human-beings to live in them. Therefore, good governance with sustainable development and environmental friendly response are essential.

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